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Game Description:Lightning McQueen is gunning to win the highly sought after Piston Cup Championship. Relive all your favorite moments from the PIXAR/Disney movie as you help Lightning win the big race and learn some valuable lessons along the way! Play as ten favorite characters from the film, voiced here by the same talents that brought them to life onscreen. Rev your engines and rocket toward the finish line in more than 30 races. You can also explore the open-world Radiator City environment at your own pace, play mini-games, and race friends in multiplayer. The Wii's controls bring it all to life as if you were actually sitting in the drivers seat.
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Cars Cheats

  • All concept art

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    Code: CONC3PT

  • All movies

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    Code: WATCHIT

  • All paint jobs

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    Code: R4MONE

  • All tracks and mini-games

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    Code: IF900HP

  • Maters Speedy Circuit and Maters Countdown cleanup

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  • Super fast start

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    Code: IMSPEED

  • Unlimited boost

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  • All cars

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    Code: YAYCARS

  • all races

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    Code: MATTL66

  • Story Mode Worlds

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