Rampage: Total Destruction Cheats - Wii

Game Description:Monster mayhem storms into the 3D world for the first time in Rampage: Total Destruction! The classic arcade series reinvents itself as your favorite monsters - George the giant ape, Lizzie the giant lizard, and Ralph the supersized werewolf - get to wreak havoc in a whole new way. Explore free-roaming, three-dimensional renditions of ten major cities and use them as your punching bag. Pretty much everything you see can be punched, pounded, and pulverized into complete wreckage...or picked up and heaved against something else. New features include 20 additional unlockable, collectible monsters, hidden power-ups, a new rage meter, and so much more!
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Rampage: Total Destruction Cheats

  • Philbert

    Finish the game with the "Par Scores Met" award for all cities.

  • Automatic monster unlocking

    Allow the game to begin demo mode and have it auto-play. Any monsters unlocked by the CPU during demo mode will remain unlocked for your game.

  • Bubba

    Unlock the other 29 monsters.

  • Eyegore

    Finish the game with the "All Challenges Met" award for all cities.

  • Control loading screen

    Press any button while game is loading. The monster you selected will make funny noises.

  • Unique item effects

    Bananas: Good for George Chili Peppers: Good for Nick Fire: Good for Nick Poison: Good for kingston Steak: Hurts Rojo Water: Venus can drink water from pipe leaks. Gilman is immune to water leaks.

  • Change billboards

    To change billboards go to a billboard on a roof and kick it to change it to a funnier version. For example, in Las Vegas with the large slot machine there is a "Beauty's Only Skin Deep" billboard. Kick the woman in the face to see the girl from The Exorcist on the billboard. It's quite humorous indeed!

  • More sound effects

    In two player mode, pause your game with player two's controller. Every time you try to select "Options", you will hear sound effects.

  • Instantly destroy buildings

    Pick up a gasoline truck and throw it at a building. It will begin to collapse no matter how much its health was.

  • Monster's unique abilities

    Some monsters have unique abilities. For example, Philbert can eat anything, Bart can fly, and Rojo can build up speed while running.

  • No police

    If a policeman is bothering you, lure him away from his vehicle and eliminate him (kick, eat, grab and jump, ground smash, etc.). Never destroy his car, and no more police officers will arrive (excluding S.W.A.T., or army tanks).