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Rayman Legends - Wii U

Rayman Legends
Game Description:Rayman, named platformer of the year and winner of multiple artistic and musical achievements, is coming to the Wii U with a brand new adventure. Michel Ancel, celebrated creator of Rayman®, Beyond Good & Evil® and the Raving Rabbids® is bringing his innovative creativity to this new and exciting platform. Rayman Legends makes full use of the power of the Wii U. With the new Wii U controller, discover new ways to platform with its touch-based gameplay, gyroscope technology, and even the ability to extend your playing experience when the TV is off. Additionally, the power of the machine has helped pave the way for new, more detailed graphics and lighting.
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Rayman Legends Hands-on Gamescom 2012 Preview -- Meet Barbara the Adorable

Rayman Legends Hands-on Gamescom 2012 Preview -- Meet Barbara the Adorable

By Leah Jackson - Posted Aug 22, 2012

Rayman Legends continues to blow us away with its beautiful visuals, top-notch platforming, and unbelievable score. At Gamescom 2012, we played through three new levels as Legends' newest character, Barbara, the adorable little Viking who wields an axe that's almost as big as she is.

If you've played Rayman Origins, the controls in Legends will feel similar. During our demo, I used the Wii U Pro Controller, which looks and feels like a Xbox 360 controller but with both joysticks on top, to control Barbara. The person controlling Murphy, the little green helper frog-fairy, used the Wii U GamePad.

Barbara's a feisty red-headed warrior who can use her battle axe to attack enemies and to slide. She also wears a helmet with little wings on top that helps her float, which was perfect for the first level we played through, called "600 ft Under." The lush, green forest level had me utilizing Barbara's floating ability to dodge thorn bushes and cautiously make my way towards Lums, while the person controlling Murphy had to take out enemies as I floated towards them and cut ropes to clear paths.

The second level we played through, "Swarmed & Dangerous," was much more difficult than the first. In this stage I was constantly being chased by hundreds of angry dust balls with massive teeth, and had to use all sorts of platforming elements to escape them. It was a constant sprint through the stage in order to run up walls and do crazy jumps between rocks surrounded by lava to dodge their seriously sharp chompers.

Rayman Legends

The third level was another one of Rayman Legends' fantastic music stages entitled "Orchestral Chaos." These music stages are quickly becoming my favorite, as they force the player to run, jump, slide, and platform their way through the level to the beat of the game's amazing score, composed by Rayman Origins composer Christophe Héral in conjunction with Billy Martin.

From what we've seen so far of Rayman Legends, the game manages to retain the charm of the series while adding in a whole new layer of gameplay with Murphy. The levels are all beautiful, the platforming constantly has us on the edge of our seat, and when both players are in sync during the music levels, the result is something truly special.

We can’t wait to play more of Rayman Legends when it launches exclusively for the Wii U in Fall 2013.