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Madden NFL 09
Game Description:With full rosters for all 32 NFL teams, players line up their favorite NFL athletes and use the Front Office to trade and substitute as the game progresses. Madden NFL players choose from a pool of over 100 plays in the Madden playbook to outsmart the competition and win the game. New to Madden NFL 09 is the innovative Instant Impact Play function that gives players unprecedented pause n’ play control. Now players can take advantage of more big play opportunities using one button touch command. Also, a Field Vision Passing function puts players in the pocket to read the defense and fire a game winner. Two different modes – Play Now or Season – and the option to kick off a seven or sixteen game season, or just a single game, provides tailored gameplay for every mood and desire. All the action is called by legendary sportscasters John Madden and Al Michaels. Whether it’s bull rushing to sack the quarterback, or spinning, hurdling and stiff arming to make the touchdown, gamers experience the real thrill of NFL football competition with Madden NFL 09.
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Madden NFL 09 News

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  • The Game Crushes Bow Wow In Madden Challenge

    Well, the fat lady has sung....er, rapped. The Madden NFL '09 challenge issued by rapper Bow Wow toward s**t-talkin’ gangsta rapper The Game is over and a winner has emerged. The Game crushed his opponent, 55 to 23, and the Lil’ One owes him a cool $100,000. The rappers threw down at the showdown in Los Angeles on Friday, Sept. 5,...

    Posted September 8, 2008| 30 Comments

    The Game Crushes Bow Wow In Madden Challenge
  • The Game Among The Best 'Madden' Players On Earth!

    Hey, remember the other week when rapper Bow Wow challenged gangsta rapper The Game to a Madden NFL 09 (EA Sports, multi-platform) contest for a $100,000 prize? Well, it turns out that The Game wasn’t joking when he said he could crush the lil’ guy in the game. In fact, it turns out that The Game (a.k.a. PSN player...

    Posted September 3, 2008| 12 Comments

    The Game Among The Best 'Madden' Players On Earth!
  • The Game Vs. Bow Wow: Madden Faceoff Is On!

    WARNING: THESE GUYS CURSE A LOT! Hey, remember when we reported that rappin’ teen Lil’ Bow Wow released challenged gangsta rapper The Game to a Madden NFL 09 (EA Sports, multi-platform) contest for a $100,000 prize? Well, it’s happening! The Game has accepted the dare, and the hip hoppin’ duo will go head-to-head in New...

    Posted August 27, 2008| 17 Comments

    The Game Vs. Bow Wow: Madden Faceoff Is On!
  • Madden-Palooza At The Rose Bowl

    Thousands of fans have been attending the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California since it was first built in 1922. It's the home of college football's most famous bowl game, hosting many rivalries such as the famous USC vs. UCLA match-up. The Tournament of Roses parade, which annually attracts crowds of up to 90,000 and is watched by millions on...

    Posted August 13, 2008| 4 Comments

    Madden-Palooza At The Rose Bowl
  • Ray Lewis Talks 'Madden '09' Cover

    Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, also known as one of the most terrifying personages in all of sports, talked a little Madden '09 smack a while back, and revealed that he would rather see Chicago Bears kick returner Devin Hester (he of the 100% speed feature in the game) on the cover of the game than Brett Favre, either as a Packer or a...

    Posted August 13, 2008| 17 Comments

    Ray Lewis Talks 'Madden '09' Cover
  • EA Spells Favre Wrong in 'Madden '09 Collector's Edition'

    The Collector's Edition menu for Madden '09 has a typo; a major typo. They've spelled their coverboy, Brett Favre's, name wrong. F-A-R-V-E is not how you spell Favre. Poor guy. First he cries on TV about retiring, then he has to close out the last two disappointing years of his great career in New Jersey, and now you spell his name...

    Posted August 13, 2008| 26 Comments

    EA Spells Favre Wrong in 'Madden '09 Collector's Edition'
  • New 'Madden NFL 09' Release Day Media

    And on this day EA Sports said "Let there be Madden NFL 09 media for all". Love it or hate it, here are some new images of good ol' #4 Favre in N.Y. Jets-green and a release trailer below. Of course if you didn't take the hint, Madden is out today for the DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, and the Xbox 360. Madden NFL 09 Release Trailer ...

    Posted August 12, 2008| 2 Comments

    New 'Madden NFL 09' Release Day Media
  • 'Madden 09' Brett Favre Jets Cover

    The updated Madden NFL 2009 cover, showing the not-so-retired NFL QB Brett Favre in another green uniform, is now available for download at EA Sports. However, Nintendo console owners will have to wait as the covers for Madden NFL 09 All Play has not been submitted yet. Also, an updated roster is now available to further accomodate Mr. Favre's...

    Posted August 12, 2008| 12 Comments

    'Madden 09' Brett Favre Jets Cover
  • Favre Traded To Jets: 'Madden' Cover Inaccurate

    According to FOX Sports' Jay Glazer the Green Bay Packers have traded quarterback Brett Favre to the New York Jets for a conditional draft pick. Earth-shaking news in the world of sports... but also earth-shaking news in the videogame world, because suddenly, the cover to Madden 09 is totally wrong. That's it above, with coverboy Brett Favre in...

    Posted August 7, 2008| 26 Comments

    Favre Traded To Jets: 'Madden' Cover Inaccurate
  • 'Madden' 20th Anniversary Interview Video

    Watch the new interview with John Madden himself, as he talks about the reaching the 20th anniversary of the football franchise. He chronicles the growth cycle and process by which Madden has transformed from its early beginning to the NFL simulation it is today. Madden NFL 09 hits stores August 12th. What are your thoughts on how far the...

    Posted August 5, 2008| 9 Comments

    'Madden' 20th Anniversary Interview Video
  • 'Madden NFL 09' Direct-Feed Gameplay Exclusive Video

    Madden NFL 09 from EA Sports releases next week on every platform possible, but why don't you check out what to expect from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the game in this direct-feed exclusive video. Make sure to check out the HD version! Click here for the version of the Madden NFL 09 Direct-Feed Gameplay Watch Larger...

    Posted August 5, 2008| 2 Comments

    'Madden NFL 09' Direct-Feed Gameplay Exclusive Video
  • 'Madden 09' Gets Twisted

    Rap stars get everything! Like, how the hell else would Chicago rapper get his hands on an advance copy of multi-platform Madden NFL 09? ‘Cause he’s a multi-platinum MC, that’s how! Damn it must feel good to be a gangsta… Gonintendo.com: Rapper Twista is the first man to own Madden 09

    Posted August 4, 2008| 16 Comments

    'Madden 09' Gets Twisted
  • NFL Hall-Of-Famer Sues Sony, EA

    The great running back, NFL Hall-of-Famer Jim Brown gave Sony and Electronic Arts one hell-of-a pep rally. Yesterday, Brown sued both companies for using his image on the Madden NFL titles (specifically on 2001), apparently without his permission. With Madden NFL 2009 set to kick off this August 12, Brown said that the companies used his...

    Posted August 1, 2008| 17 Comments

    NFL Hall-Of-Famer Sues Sony, EA
  • New 'Madden NFL 09' Celebration Trailer

    EA Sports showcases the dynamic celebrations featured in the multi-plfatform football franchise Madden NFL 09. Now you can recreate the Lambeau Leap, river dance like Chad Johnson, or even mix-n-match from a collection of celebrations. The football behemoth of a franchise releases on August 12th, start rehearsing those dance moves for the...

    Posted July 29, 2008| 5 Comments

    New 'Madden NFL 09' Celebration Trailer
  • New 'Madden NFL 09' Screens

    Latest Madden NFL 09 screens for your visual intake. The EA Sports' football goliath hits stores August 12th for the PSP, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, DS and even a mobile version. They'd probably put it in a Magna-Doodle™ if they could. Click the image below for the Madden NFL 09 image gallery Read More?

    Posted July 28, 2008| 9 Comments

    New 'Madden NFL 09' Screens
  • Game Before The Games: Week of October 5th

    Posted: October 3, 2008

    10,991 Views | 01:47 | 10 Comments

  • Madden Boot Camp

    Posted: October 3, 2008

    4,767 Views | 01:59 | 8 Comments

  • The Game Before the Games 09.26.08

    Posted: September 26, 2008

    4,620 Views | 01:47 | 3 Comments

  • X-Play's NFL Predictions

    Posted: September 19, 2008

    1,514 Views | 01:50 | 2 Comments

  • X-Play Gaming Update 09.10.08

    Posted: September 10, 2008

    985 Views | 03:14 | 2 Comments