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Zoo Keeper (Namco Bandai)
Game Description:Developed by ROBOT and based on the successful animal catching game for Nintendo DS, the mobile phone version is true to the original whilst offering a one-thumb control scheme adapted especially for mobile phones. Zoo Keeper for mobile is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-play and challenging puzzle game. Zoo Keeper takes place in a small zoo located outside the city. The zoo animals, no longer able to bear the arrogance of the zoo master, have gone nuts and are rampaging the zoo. As a caretaker in the zoo, you must return peace to the facilities. The game is set up on a board showing lots of animal faces. You switch the positions of adjacent animals on the board, attempting to line up three or more of the same animals either horizontally or vertically. Once lined up in this fashion, the group of animals disappear. Capture a set number of animals and you move to the next level; fail in the allotted time and the game ends.
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