Garfield's House - W

Garfield's House
Game Description:Garfield's sleeping. He's haunted by a nightmare in which the mice went sour and scattered food and furniture all around the house. But the worst thing is - they took the fridge hostage! It's hidden somewhere in the house - and it may be switched off! Okay, Garfield, off you go, eat everything you find so that it doesn't rot and find the fridge. Or else you'll be put on a diet because you let the mice do such a terrible mess! Garfield wanders through a system of rooms. Every room consists of obstacles and paths. The lost food and things are scattered on the path. But simply collecting the food pacman style would be too easy. Whevener Garfield picks up a piece of food, an arrow replaces the food, making it impossible to pass the same spot in a different direction than it was passed originally. Moreover, some objects leave behind an arrow that changes directions whevenever it is passed. But it wouldn't be a nightmare if there weren't any bad guys in the mix. After a few seconds, monsters start appearing, wandering through the room, deadly at touch.
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