Marble Galaxy - W

Marble Galaxy
Game Description:A puzzle game created specifically for mobile phone handsets. The idea behind the game is simple: players must shoot colored marbles from the launcher at the bottom of the screen, into holes of the same color. Walls, bumpers, accelerators, brakes and other obstacles can make things more complicated and require ricochets and planning to pick up the maximum number of points and hit that hole. The game rewards skilled Marblenauts with bonus points and special awards. Trophies are awarded for particularly difficult shots, so players can be awarded the Stage Marksman Cup or the Smash N' Bump King Trophy. Marble Galaxy offers a Tutorial mode for hopelessly primitive species, a Quick Game, for those odd minutes while hitchhiking outside a distant nebula or waiting for a bus, plus a Career Mode, where gamers can compete against some of the Galaxy's finest players on their home planets.
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