Secret Of The Lost Link - W

Secret Of The Lost Link
Game Description:The slightly addlebrained scientist Dr. Davis researches the early history of humankind. He is especially interested in the research of the mysterious Missing Link, the cause of the erratic evolution of homo sapiens. When invited to lecture at the University of Leicester, he only earns frowns and doubts about his thesis. However, suddenly odd crop circles appear not far from the university. While examining those crop circles, Davis discovers a mysterious metal disc covered in strange inscriptions. What is the meaning of those signs? After detailed investigations, Dr. Davis finds out that the icons show a map of the Guatemaltecan volcanic highlands. Against the resistance of his colleagues, Dr. Davis decides to travel to South America to follow the trace of the mysterious metal disc. This is the beginning of a journey full of adventures through Guatemala, and after a dangerous travel through the jungle, Dr. Davis finds out that there is a strange connection between the crop circles in England, the temples of the Maya, and the Missing Link.
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