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Tetris Tournament For Prizes!
Game Description:Atlas Mobile has taken the classic block-busting game and converted it into a chance to win free stuff as Tetris Tournament For Prizes!, published by Blue Lava Wireless. Like its predecessor, Tetris Tournament is a simple game of arranging falling blocks of different shapes, trying to fill in lines. The more lines you can fill in with one fell swoop, the more points you get. Nailing four lines at once is called a tetris. Tetris Tournament takes the never-ending puzzler and puts a cap on it. Each game ends when you either clear forty lines or when time expires. This keeps games from lasting hours on end, thumbs from going numb, and minutes-used from destroying your credit rating. This is pure, classic Tetris -- but the heated competition adds another level of excitement to the simple block-tosser.
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Tetris Tournament For Prizes! News

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  • Tetris World Champion Crowned

    This weekend in Los Angeles, Jonas Neubauer, a 29 year-old from Redondo Beach, California, took on all comers to become the Tetris champion of the world. Neubauer scored over half a million points in the NES version of the game, and that was enough to best his competition Harry Wong and take home the prize. "I got a big-ass trophy,"...

    Posted August 9, 2010

    Tetris World Champion Crowned
  • Tetris Becomes Best-Selling Mobile Game Of All Time, Passes 100 Million Downloads

    When it comes to addicting games about arranging falling blocks created by Russian mathematicians in the mid-1980s, Tetris easily ranks among the best. It’s appeared on practically every console and platform imaginable, and over the past few years it has become one of the most popular mobile phone games around…Actually, I take that...

    Posted January 21, 2010

    Tetris Becomes Best-Selling Mobile Game Of All Time, Passes 100 Million Downloads
  • Research Indicates Tetris Changes Brain Efficiency

    Researchers at the Mind Research Network today announced the findings of a scientific study that combines Tetris and brain imaging to study the effects of practicing the game on brain efficiency. The study will be published in open-access journal BMC Research Notes (one of my eight most favorite open-access scientific journals). The research...

    Posted September 1, 2009

    Research Indicates Tetris Changes Brain Efficiency
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