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Super Smash TV
Game Description:"I'll buy that for a dollar!" Conversion of the popular arcade shooter, featuring two game show contestants who have to shoot their way through hordes of mutants. Players make their way from soundstage to soundstage throughout the studio, squaring off against the most powerful metal beasts the network could round up. Use six devastating weapons which are activated via pick-ups. The arcade unit used dual control sticks for movement and firing at the same time. Likewise, this version supports dual controls, mapped to the button unit and d-pad to approximate the 360-degree firing radius independently from walking around in the non-scrolling arenas. Smash TV features more than 45 levels of carnage, with bonus stages and fierce boss battles before the contestants can claim the big prize.
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  • Up-B: "Forget You" Parody About Super Smash Brothers

    Everyone on earth was understandably delighted by Cee-Lo's excellent "Forget You" song, sometimes known as "F*ck You." But then the delightment faded, like it does for all novelty numbers. But we're going to give a little of it back to you, in the form of a parody of the novelty number. "Up-B" will be familiar and...

    Posted March 14, 2011

    Up-B: "Forget You" Parody About Super Smash Brothers