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Game Description:Considered as a "musical platformer" by its designer, Sound Shapes is Jonathan Mak's (Pixeljunk Shooter) latest game. Players control a ball that must collect musical notes to complete levels. There are a total of 30 levels. The player's ball must jump around, dodging hazards while collecting as many musical notes as possible. Hazards such as lasers operate in rhythm with the music. Each note of music that you collect contributes to an overall song that you can listen to at the end of the level. The order in which you collect the notes changes the way the song is heard. You can thus create your own version of a song and upload it, even though it is confirmed that each level can be completed perfectly as to hear what the level's song really sounds like. Sound Shapes has a level and music creator. To create a level, you must first create a song via the game's editing tools. Once that's done, musical notes of the song you just created pop up around the space where you are to create your level. You can then add platforms to access said notes. Once you're done with creating your level, you can share it online.
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Sound Shapes News

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  • Sound Shapes DLC, Offline Play Update Coming In March

    Queasy Games will release DLC for Sound Shapes on March 12, 2013, along with a patch that, among other things, allows players to play through community-created levels offline. Sony confirmed its plans to issue the patch -- out the same day as the DLC -- to PSNStores.com when asked for comment on the DLC (via Joystiq). The content of the DLC is...

    Posted February 25, 2013

    Sound Shapes DLC, Offline Play Update Coming In March
  • Sound Shapes Includes Three New Beck Tunes

    The upcoming PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita release Sound Shapes, from Queasy Games, just got a whole lot more awesome, provided that you're a Beck fan. The quirky alt-rocker is lending three of his tunes, all of them unreleased, to the upcoming game, Pitchfork confirms. The three Sound Shapes tunes are: "Cities," "Touch the...

    Posted July 18, 2012

    Sound Shapes Includes Three New Beck Tunes
  • Sound Shapes E3 2011 Preview -- Create Your Own Musical On The PlayStation Vita

    Whether or not you're still on the fence about the Sony's new handheld, the PlayStation Vita, one game we found absolutely mesmerizing on the console was Sound Shapes. In Sound Shapes you guide a ball around and collect orbs that correspond to musical instruments. It doesn't sound like much, but Jake Gaskill's preview was absolutely...

    Posted June 13, 2011

    Sound Shapes E3 2011 Preview -- Create Your Own Musical On The PlayStation Vita
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  • Indie Games: Deadlight, Sound Shapes, Dust: An Elysian Tale

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