Need for Speed: ProStreet Cheats - PSP

Game Description:It's no longer enough to dominate in the neighborhood. Now, you have to dominate the world! Build your perfect ride and compete in four different styles - Drag Mode, Drift Mode, Grip Racing, and Speed Challenge - to prove you have what it takes to lead the streets. A new physics engine and refined AI mean the experience is more real than ever – but that's not all that's new. Street racing is brutal and aggressive, and each dent, bump, and slide has consequences. Advanced damage-capturing technology puts a new meaning to the word "crash," as you watch metal crumple and see debris flying through the air.
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Need for Speed: ProStreet Cheats

  • Try to unlock the last 4 tracks.

    If you unlock the last 4 tracks you are able to chose 4 proper race cars 1 Muscle 1 Sports 1 Super and 1 Turner.

  • Better Cornering

    When there is a right corner, drive to the left corner first before making the turn. The same goes for left corner, drive to the right. This way you won't need to slow down as much and you'll maintain your momentum through the turn.