Twisted Metal: Head On Cheats - PSP

Game Description:Vehicular combat has never been so good. Twisted Metal features loads of car-crunching action with two main game modes - singleplayer and multiplayer. Topnotch cinematics and Wi-Fi matches make this PSP title a must-play. A variety of familiar and new characters are available - Sweet Tooth, Roadkill, Axel, Crimson Fury, Grasshopper, Hammerhead, Mr. Grimm, Mr. Slam, Outlaw, Shadow, Specter, Thumper, Twister, Cousin Eddy, Gene Ruttish, Dark Tooth, and Warthog. Modes include Story, Challenge, Endurance, and Multiplayer for up to eight players (using the PSPs built-in Wi-Fi functionality). NOTE: Wi-Fi Compatible (Ad Hoc/Infrastructure).
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Twisted Metal: Head On Cheats

  • Health for weapons

    Press Triangle, X, Square, Circle, L + R while playing the game.

    Code: Triangle, X, Square, Circle, L + R

  • Infinite weapons

    Press Triangle(2), Down(2), L + R while playing the game.

    Code: Triangle(2), Down(2), L + R

  • Invincibility

    Press Right, Left, Down, Up, L + R while playing the game.

    Code: Right, Left, Down, Up, L + R

  • Killer weapons

    Press X(2), Up(2), L + R while playing the game.

    Code: X(2), Up(2), L + R

  • Mega guns

    Press X, Triangle, X, Triangle, L + R while playing the game.

    Code: X, Triangle, X, Triangle, L + R

  • Spawn a mine

    Press Right, Left, Down, Up while playing the game. If done correctly, a blinking red mine will appear underneath your car.

    Code: Right, Left, Down, Up

  • Temporary shield

    Press Right(2), Down(2) while playing the game. If done correctly, your car will glow green for a few seconds.

    Code: Right(2), Down(2)

  • Mr. Slam:

    Finish the L.A. mini-game in story mode.

  • Crimson Fury:

    Finish the Monaco mini-game in story mode.

  • Tokyo Streets Deathmatch level:

    Complete the Tokyo Streets mini-game.

  • Tower Tooth Challenge level:

    Finish the game with any four characters. The Tower Tooth Challenge level will now be unlocked in challenge mode.

  • Cousin Eddy and Gene Ruttish:

    Finish the L.A./Cousin Eddy mini-game in story mode.

  • Dark Tooth:

    Finish story mode in single player mode.

  • Paris Deathmatch level:

    Finish the Paris mini-game.

  • Greece Deathmatch level:

    Finish the Greece mini-game.

  • Axel:

    Finish the Russia mini-game in story mode.

  • Hammerhead:

    Finish the Tokyo Rooftop mini-game in story mode.

  • Egypt Deathmatch level:

    Finish the Egypt mini-game.

  • Rose Deathmatch level:

    Finish the Rome mini-game.

  • Hint: Replay ending movies:

    You can re-watch the ending movies in the options menu.

  • Hint: Wishes: Marcus Kane

    He wakes up in his bed, out of Twisted Metal. The explanation is that Twisted Metal is a dream. 27 people got in a car crash and they were bound together in a coma and all were in the hospital. None woke up unless they wished to wake up. Marcus always said that it was all fake, and when he wished to wake up in Twisted Metal 2 (or Black), the...

  • Hint: Wishes: Marcus Kane

    To wake up from the whole dream that is Twisted Metal (also in Twisted Metal 2).

  • Hint: Wishes:

    The wishes that the default characters make for their final movie is as follows:

  • Hint: See what player wishes for:

    As you may know, whoever wins gets one free wish. When you finish Story mode you will see what your character wished for, and how they used it.

  • Hint: Wishes: Outlaw

    For his partner to shut up.

  • Hint: Wishes: Outlaw

    He and his partner are fighting and he slips out, "I wish you would just shut up". Calypso closes her mouth up.

  • Hint: Wishes: Warthog

    He kills all the drug lords, but the kids who worked for the drug lords like them, and pull out guns and kill Warthog.

  • Hint: Wishes: Warthog

    To have a gun to kill all the drug lords.

  • Hint: Wishes: Cousin Eddy

    A new RV.

  • Hint: Wishes: Cousin Eddy

    Calypso makes him a perfect RV.

  • Cheat mode:

    The following codes are entered while playing the game in single player mode. They have no effect in multi-player or online modes. To disable a code, repeat it. Codes will not be disabled until you do re enter them. Therefore, you do not need to re enter them when in story mode.

  • Hint: Wishes: Grasshopper

    For the car accident that she and her mother were in to never happen.

  • Hint: Wishes: Grasshopper

    She is shown on a swing with Calypso pushing her; Calypso is her father.

  • Hint: Wishes: Mortimer Scharf

    Calypso reads him a story about "a man named Mortimer Scharf", who won Twisted Metal, until Mortimer died again (asleep).

  • Hint: Wishes: Mortimer Scharf

    To fall back asleep.

  • Hint: Wishes: Needles Kane (Sweet Tooth)

    Switches bodies with Calypso, then kills his old body.

  • Hint: Wishes: Needles Kane (Sweet Tooth)

    To become Calypso.

  • Hint: Wishes: Twister

    Her sister returns from hell still a skeleton and gives Twister a hug. She died in Twisted Metal 2; her wish was to be faster, and killed herself.

  • Hint: Wishes: Twister

    To have her sister back (from Twisted Metal 2).

  • Hint: Wishes: Mr. Grimm

    His wish was for someone else to be the grim reaper. He walks in front of the bus, then "Mr. Grimm" appears on the new grim reaper's list.

  • Hint: Wishes: Mr. Grimm

    To be human again.

  • Hint: Wishes: Spectre

    Calypso grants his wish for money, but the money piles up and falls on him.

  • Hint: Wishes: Spectre

    To have money.

  • Hint: Wishes: Thumper

    She drives down the street with her music blasting, and when she turns on the hydraulics, the world shakes and a skyscraper falls on her car.

  • Hint: Wishes: Thumper

    To have her car more pimp.