MLB 06: The Show Cheats - PSP

Game Description:Coverboy Big Papi David Ortiz is a worthy choice for this MVP-caliber baseball experience that challenges you to come through in the clutch. New rivalry mode tracks head-to-head stats between rival gamers. An expanded, more intuitive Franchise Mode gives you more control of everything from salaries to batting slots. A new Career Spotlight tracks both your highs and lows. Meanwhile, new Game Time Decisions add more realism with game-turning choices - like leaving injured players out there - in your hands. You can even square off sandlot style in pitcher vs. batter mini-games. The show within the show is also better than ever, with commentary from a new three-man booth.
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MLB 06: The Show Cheats

  • Change player names:

    Release a player as a free agent. You can now rename him, then resign him.

  • Better Career mode:

    To do better in career mode as a position player (anything other than pitcher), put each of the first four hitting stats up as much as possible. Then, use your remaining points on fielding and speed. Your player will probably start off in Triple-A, but he will get called up quicker because of his higher batting attributes. Once you earn training...

  • Change player skills:

    Go to "Player Management", then to "View Roster". Select the player you want to power up or down. Press R or L until you see his "Pitching" or "Batting" attributes. The red area in all of the bars represents how skilled that player is in the category shown next to it Press Left or Right to increase or decrease the skill.