Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Cheats - PSP

  • Publisher: Natsume
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  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Aug 2, 2007
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:E - Everyone (Use of Alcohol)
  • Platforms:
Game Description:This time, you get to choose your Destiny – or your Fate. In this fantasy game, traditional RPG elements like a fantasy quest and party building are all here, but this one lets you play as a boy (Destiny) or a girl (Fate). The chores may be the same, but your life, your goals, and your future will all be determined by how you interact with those around you. The gameplay is non-linear and completely real-time, so have fun. But don't worry! All the traditional Harvest Moon qualities you've grown to love are all here, and right in your very own pocket.
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Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl Cheats

  • Marry Gray

    Just give him everyday an silver ore or ores.

  • Marry Elli

    To marry Elli just pick flowers that grow in the garden. Pick many and give it to Elli and someday you can marry her. Her birthday is Spring 16.

  • Marry Cliff

    To marry Cliff just talk to him and give him gifts like spa-boiled eggs, cake, chocolate, boiled eggs, fruit juice, and fish.

  • about kai

    kai likes corn, tomato, curry, and honey (:

  • Karen's Likes

    Karen likes wine the most, so if you give her wine she'll like you.

  • Karen is missing

    You can find her in mineral beach, mail box, or in the inn.

  • Karen's Question

    If you Karen is pink hearted, you can ask her about your problem every 6:30am. She will ask you. Do you have a problem? You will say "The Farm" "Love life" or "Nothing"

  • Karen to be green hearted

    She wants wine everyday, especially on her birthday. Give 5 wines when it is her b-day. She will be green hearted.

  • Free Flowers

    Go to the hill and you can find some flowers.

  • Free Inn

    Be a friend of Doug, you can be free in milk,wine and juice.

  • Karen

    Always buy a wine then give it to Karen. The next day, Karen is red hearted.

  • Omelet

    Combine Egg, Milk, Oil, Potatoes, Corn, and Frying Pan to make an omelet.

  • Ketchup

    Combine Tomato, Onion, Mixer, Sugar, Salt, Vinegar to make ketchup.

  • The Fairy

    There is a fairy in the spring.. There is a river rightside the spring right.. Actually its a falls.. You know the mine near spring right? Theres a falling water infront of the mine.. Throw any kinds of veggie or fruits TAKE NOTE (you can only throw the veggie or fruits if it is from your farm... Dont throw any veggie or fruits that you didnt...

  • Boiled Egg Recipe

    Combine Egg, Pot, and Salt to make a boiled egg.

  • Power Berries

    Theres a lot of power berries in this game... There is one on the mountain.. I called that place garden because there is a lot of flowers.. Well if you know the place that im talking about here's the secret.... There is a tree in the middle of that garden.. Make sure that you equipped your axe and then go to that tree any position will do but...

  • Whisk Rice Omelet

    Combine Egg, Milk, Riceball, Frying Pan, Whisk, Sugar to make a Whisk Rice Omelet.

  • Location ore for leveling

    You only can do this in winter. If the water is frozen go to the mother's hill and then there is a small island it has a small cave go in there (make sure you bring hoe for mining) if you go inside you can only see big square room use your hoe for digging it has 10 floor the last floor has a spring. You can get in the cave some ore for...

  • Mixed Juice

    Combine Strawberries, Pineapple, Grapes, Carrots, cucumbers, Cabbage, Apples, Mixer, and Knife to make Mixed Juice.

  • Salad

    Combine Cucumbers, Tomato, Carrot, Cabbage, Any Other Veggies, and Knife to make a salad.

  • Doctor: Heart event

    The Doctor's first heart event is triggered when you walk into the clinic on a Monday or Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. When you walk in, Elli (the girl who works at the counter) will tell you that you are bleeding. She will then ask if it hurts a bit or excruciatingly. Answer "Excruciatingly", and the doctor will examine you. His heart will turn...

  • How to propose to a girl

    If you like the girl wait until her heart is red, then go to the shop that sells wedding rings and buy one. Then propose to the girl. You will marry the girl and you will spend your life forever with her and you'll have a baby boy or a girl.

  • Harvest Sprites

    Give all the harvest sprites flowers or flour, so by the end of the year their heart will increase.

  • Doctor Heart Increase

    Give the doctor some bread to increase your heart level with him.

  • Anna

    Job: Basil's Wife and Mary's Mother. Likes: Flowers. Birthday: Autumn 23. Basil's wife. Just like her husband, Anna loves flowers. She be found in the house near the Library with her husband Basil.

  • Gray

    Job: Blacksmith Assistant. Appearance: Orange hair and wears a hat and is shy. Likes: All ore except junk ore. Birthday: Winter 6. Rival: Mary. Gray comes from the city, however because of this he often reckons he doesn't belong in Mineral town and he's a very shy person.

  • Louis

    Job: Bee Researcher. Appearance: He wears a green hat, shirt, and shorts. Likes: Honey. Birthday: Spring 2. He use to be an insect researcher but now he's a bee researcher. He can be found living with his best friend Gotz.

  • May

    Job: Helps her grandfather Barley. Apperance: She wears a red shirt and is a little girl. Likes: Junk, Flowers, Eggs, Milk. Birthday: Winter 26. Barley's granddaughter who feels lonely. She can be found living with Barley.

  • Pastor Carter

    Job: Priest. Appearance: He wears a black robe and looks friendly. Likes: Mushrooms and Crops. Birthday: Autumn 20. He's the person in the church. He cares very much about Cliff mainly because Cliff is his friend. He can found always in the church.

  • Power Berry Location #11

    Throw 3 cucumbers in the lake and Kappa will give it to you.

  • Power Berry Location #2

    Mining in the Spring mine

  • Power Berry Location #7

    Buy it for 1001 medal in the dog, horse race festival

  • Greg

    Job: Fisherman. Appearance: He wears a green shirt and has dark skin. Likes: Fish. Birthday: Spring 29. He's the fisherman who gives you the fishing rod and and fishing pole. He live with Zack but Zack never ever talks about him. He can be found on the dock at the beach at Saturday 10AM.

  • Popuri

    Job: Helps her mom on the poultry farm. Appearance: She has pink hair and looks like her mom. Birthday: Summer 3. Likes: Flowers, Eggs, Fruit.

  • Power Berry Location #10

    Throw 5 crops in the Goddess Pond

  • Power Berry Location #6

    Win the swimming festival

  • Rick

    Job: Delivers Chickens. Appearance: Orange hair and looks female. Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Eggs. Birthday: Fall 27. Rival: Karen. He reckons his father wants him to act like a father figure. He hates Kai a lot because of some unknown reason.

  • Sasha

    Job: Jeff's Wife and Karen's Mom. Appearance: Same color hair as Karen. Likes: Milk and Flowers. Birthday: Spring 30. She's Karen mother and unlike Jeff, Sasha is very confident. According to Lillia, Sasha always help Jeff to stop Duke from bullying him when she was young. She can be found in the supermarket (rarely) or she can be found...

  • Zack

    Job: Shipping Man. Appearance: The guy with a lot of muscles. Likes: He likes crops that you grow. Birthday: Summer 29. He's the person who always come and collect your ship items and also gives deliveries to you. He gets annoyed easily and he can be found at 5PM in your farm or near the beach.

  • Basil

    Job: Botanist. Appearance: He wears a hat and brown clothes. Likes: Flowers and Crops. Birthday: Summer 11. The only botanist in the village. He gives the book that he wrote to his daughter Mary. He lives near the library with Mary and Anna.

  • Doctor (Tim or Trent)

    Job: Doctor. Appearance: Doctor's outfit. Likes: Medicine and Fish. Birthday: Fall 17. Rival: Elli. A doctor who doesn't display much emotion during the game. Elli often mistake his statement and it was revealed in one event where his name is actually Tim, Tom or Trent.

  • Harris

    Job: Police. Appearance: He wears a mailman outfit. Likes: Wine, Medicine, Flowers. Birthday: Summer 4. The policeman who reckons the town is too peaceful making him think that there isn't any use for a police. According to one event he is in love with Aja. He is sometimes seen in Gotz' house.

  • Mayor Thomas

    Job: Mayor. Appearance: He wears a red hat and red clothes. Likes: Wine, Spa-boiled Egg and Turnips. Birthday: Summer 25. He's a kind mayor I tell you that. He cares about his village a lot. It was revealed in the beginning of the game that Mayor Thomas Midwife is Ellen. He can be found in his house near Ellen's house.

  • Power Berry Location #1

    Fishing in the ocean in Winter

  • Barley

    Job: Owner of Yodel Ranch. Appearance: Old guy that wears a green shirt. Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Wool, Milk. Birthday: Spring 17. The kind old man who takes care he's grand duaghter and also the owner of Yodel Ranch. He likes to go to the hot spring and gets angry easily if it's raining on Monday. He can be found inYodel Ranch (cow farm).

  • Elli

    Job: Nurse. Appearance: Nurse's outfit. Birthday: Winter 20. Likes: Flowers. She's a nurse who works in the Clinic. She often mistakes what Doctor is saying. (eg. Doctor said that she's going to be a good mother when she has a baby and she mistakes it thinking that the doctor wants her to quit her job).

  • Manna

    Job: She sells wine and grape juice. Appearance: She has black hair and wears blue shorts. Likes: Wine and Grapes. Birthday: Autumn 11. The annoying woman who never shuts up. She's quite bossy at first but becomes very kind when you became her friend. She can be found in the Winery place which is near the Blacksmith shop.

  • Mary

    Job: Librarian. Appearance: She's a nerdy looking girl. Birthday: Winter 20. Likes: Mushrooms, Poisonous Mushrooms, Insects. She's the nerd who runs the library. She's very quiet and gets surprised very easily.

  • Ann

    Job: Bar girl. Appearance: She's a tomboy with orange hair. Birthday: Summer 14. Likes: Spa-boiled eggs. Ann is a Tomboy who loves to clean stuff. She often flirts with Cliff and she's a happy and cheerful person.

  • Duke

    Job: Owner of the Vineyard. Appearance: He wears a purple shirt and has black and white striped hair. Likes: Wine and Grapes. Birthday: Winter 15. Husband of Manna. According to Lillia, when Duke was young he use to bully Jeff and even now he bully Jeff. He can be found in the Winery with Manna.

  • Ellen

    Job: Stu and Elli's Grandmother. Appearance: Oldest woman in town. Likes: Eggs, Cake, Milk, and Snow White Flower. Birthday: Winter 13. The kind old woman who used to be a nurse. She won't die in this game. She can be found living in the house near Mayor Thomas's house.

  • Doug

    Job: Owner of the bar. Appearance: He has orange hair and an orange mustache. Likes: Wine and Corn. Birthday: Winter 11. The owner of the Inn. He is very kind towards you but gets upset if he loses to Ann in the cook competition. According to Gourmet he's the best chef. He can be found in the Inn.

  • Lillia

    Job: She sells chicken feed, chicken, and medicine. Appearance: She looks like her daughter but with a part in her hair. Likes: Flowers, Eggs, Medicine. Birthday: Spring 19. She's a very kind woman, she lets her daughter do anything she wants. She has a husband who is currently searching for a medicine to cure her sickness. She can be found at...

  • Power Berry Location #3

    Mining in the Winter mine in winter

  • Power Berry Location #4

    Go behind the winter mine and press the talk button

  • Power Berry Location #9

    Plant alot of flowers in Fall (secret section) and Anna will come and exchange the flowers for a power berry

  • Won

    Job: Wandering Tradesman. Appearance: He looks Asian and wears a yellow shirt. Likes: Gold Ore. Birthday: Winter 19. The tradesman who loves money. There's one event where he would sell you a Blue Feather for a lot of money. Don't buy it because you can buy a blue feather in the shop for 1000g. Won can be found in the Inn around 1PM - 3PM.

  • Jeff

    Job: Supermarket Owner. Appearance: He wears a white shirt and black pants. Likes: Medicine. Birthday: Winter 29. He's a person who doesn't have confident at all. He always let people take things from his shop for free. He have a very unhealthy body. He can be found in the supermarket.

  • Kai

    Job: He owns a restaurant on the beach. Appearance: He has dark skin and wears a purple bandana. Likes: Flowers. Birthday: Summer 22. Rival: Popuri. He only comes to Mineral Town in Summer and he is very popular with the girls in town which make the males jealous of him (especially Rick).

  • Power Berry Location #5

    Chop the Cedar Tree in Mother's Hill and then press the 'don't chop' Option

  • Power Berry Location #8

    Buy it from TV Shopping for 5000g

  • Saibara

    Job: He fixes your tools. Appearance: He has hair sticking out to the side and wears a green shirt. Likes: Every ore except junk ore. Birthday: Spring 11. The angry old blacksmith who never give any praise to his grandson Gray. He can be found in the Blacksmith shop, which is near your farm.

  • Stu

    Job: Elli's Brother and Ellen's Grandson. Appearance: He's a little boy. Likes: Eggs, Yarn, Bugs, Milk. Birthday: Autumn 5. Stu is Elli's brother. Just like every brother, Stu loves to annoy her and he also wants people to play with him. He can be found living with Ellen and Elli.

  • Cliff

    Job: Homeless person who later works in the vineyard. Appearance: He wears a brown shirt, shorts, and has brown hair. Likes: Spa-boiled eggs, Cake, Chocolate. Birthday: Summer 6. Rival: Ann. Cliff came from another town, he doesn't have a job but he is a very kind person who quickly becomes friends with you.

  • Gotz

    Job: Builder. Appearance: White shirt, blue jeans, very fat. Likes: Egg, Oil, Milk. Birthday: Autumn 2. The carpenter who hardly talks. As you becomes friends with him, his past will then slowly be revealed to you. He has a sad life. He is located underneath your farm.

  • Kano

    Job: Photographer. Appearance: White shirt and black pants. Likes: Wine. Birthday: Winter 2. He hardly appears in town. He stays in house all day and because of this it causes many Harvest Moon fan forget that he exist. He can be found living with mayor Thomas.