X-Men Origins: Wolverine - PSP

Game Description:Explore the history of one of your favorite X-Men heroes firsthand! Take control of the claws, the temper, and all the power of Wolverine as you fight your way through a revealing storyline. Use light and heavy attacks, grabs, and your powerful pounce move. Time your attacks just right and pull off satisfying finishing moves that cut your enemies to ribbons. Increase your power and number of available moves as you fight. Wolverine's enhanced senses will help you locate special areas, show you where to go next, and even uncover cloaked or hidden enemies. So pop those claws and get ready to tear it up!
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The tie-in game focused on the legendary Logan, known best as Wolverine, allows you to play the plot of the hero's origin, and in canonical locations in the X-verse. We now show our claws and slice into the new multiplatform game 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' in this X-Play Review.

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