Patapon 2 Cheats - PSP

Game Description: The sequel to SCE's unique 2D platformer, once again incorporating rhythm-based elements in its gameplay. This second game now features four-player multiplayer as well as other new gameplay elements.
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Patapon 2 Cheats

  • Unlocking the Majidongi Egg

    Kill the Majidongi when it is foggy in the Dongi Ruins to unlock the Majidongi Egg.

  • Unlocking Masks

    Get the eggs and do them over and over again to get better masks.

  • Getting Demon Stuff

    In the cannon level finish the first 3 and then the rest will have demon stuff (or mabye a purple rock things).

  • Mountain Guy Thing

    Get him in the cannon mission after one or two times you'll unlock him.

  • Worst Unit

    Don't use the megapons at all. Their attack is 1-5 at first.