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Game Description:Take a deep breath. You're about to swallow a big gulp of non-stop puzzle challenges in Puzzle Guzzle! The game takes Tetris-style play, speeds up the action, and pushes you to the edge of puzzle-solving panic! Group blocks into shapes in three different, but equally invigorating, modes: Stuffit, Drop, and Quiz. Each mode features a variety of ways to play and bonus mini-games. Create a profile complete with your own mascot. Customize your mascot by winning parts from other players, then use your mascot's attack powers to build up your score. You'll take on over five players in Multiplayer, download new puzzles and designs in Infrastructure Mode, and more.
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  • 'Puzzle Guzzle' Screens

    Puzzle Guzzle, nuzzles. Dig it! A whole gallery of Puzzle Guzzle screen-shuzzles. The game is out now on the PSPuzzle.

    Posted March 4, 2008| 3 Comments

    'Puzzle Guzzle' Screens
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