Dungeon Explorer: Warriors of Ancient Arts - PSP

Dungeon Explorer:  Warriors of Ancient Arts
Game Description:Hudson's classic dungeon crawler series returns for the new generation with this completely revamped and re-envisioned action-RPG, expanding on the multiplayer elements that made the game so popular. Prepare to battle demonic forces and seal the gateway from which they have come. You are a Warrior of Ancient Arts, trained in the ways of mystical forces and weapon arts. Lead up to 3 comrades-in-arms via single player or Ad Hoc Multiplayer mode to defeat the evil that plagues the land and seal off the Great Labyrinth from which these creatures spawn.
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  • 'Dungeon Explorer' Goes Handheld

    Classic proto-RPG Dungeon Explorer Warriors of Ancient Arts is crawling into the Nintendo DS and the Sony PSP. The game is coming to North America...

    Posted November 15, 2007 | 3 Comments

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