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Bomberman Bomber Squadron
Game Description:The first original Bomberman action game for the PlayStation Portable, this action game teams Bomberman with a whole squad of unique bombers in classic Bomberman battles rendered in 3D. Each character has his own special skills to make use of as you set bombs and try to trap others in up to five-player bomb battles. As a bonus encouragement for playing with others, SCE has included a special feature that allows it to play in multiplayer with owners of this game as well as I.Q Mania and XI Coliseum (all three feature the multiplayer modes of each other.) In addition, there is a demo of the other two games and an extra set of multiplayer minigames (including a five-player bowling game plus Kunoichi Densetsu, Double Smash , N.U.M. and Party x Party x Party).
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  • Nugget From The Net: Bombershock-Man?

    I'd like to apologize for ruining Bioshock 2 for you by posting the below image I caught on Game-Rave, by way of Reddit: Sorry.

    Posted February 3, 2010

    Nugget From The Net: Bombershock-Man?