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Game Description:The LocoRoco are a happy-go-lucky sort, living a life of bliss in a world filled with frolicking creatures, flowers that blow in the wind, and warm, pastel-colored landscapes. They're also under attack! The mean-minded Moja Corps is descending from outer space to kidnap the LocoRoco from their happy home. You'll play as the planet and guide the jelly-like LocoRoco to safety! Tilt the landscape, bounce LocoRoco into the air, and rearrange their groupings to get 'em through tight spots. The game offers 40 levels of pleasant platform-style play in colorful 2D worlds. Get to know six different types of LocoRoco, play mini-games, and more.
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LocoRoco News

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  • 'LocoRoco 2' Coming In February

    Damn the Japanese for writing music so catchy it makes me want to poke out my eardrums with a chopstick. LocoRoco 2, the sequel to the unbelievably addictive, adorable, and enjoyable PSP game, will finally come to North America this February. The highly anticipated sequel to the "happiest game ever" will use the same bumper-tilt...

    Posted December 24, 2008| 3 Comments

    'LocoRoco 2' Coming In February
  • 'LocoRoco 2' Due Out This Year

    Prepare to smile and hum for a while, SCE UK's product manager Claire Backhouse listed LocoRoco 2 as one of the titles slated for release this year on the PSP. Now the term "this year" could mean by the end of 2008, or in the fiscal year of 2008, which runs until March of 2009. Either way, we're very happy to hear that our favorite...

    Posted June 16, 2008| 2 Comments

    'LocoRoco 2' Due Out This Year
  • Work Time Fun Review

    Posted: December 1, 2006

    1,404 Views | 03:04

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