World Tour Soccer Cheats - PSP

Game Description:Who knows where your next challenge will come from or who that challenger will be? With the power of WiFi compatibility and the User Alert System, World Tour Soccer enables you to challenge complete strangers spontaneously. And with 128 club teams, 86 international teams, nine international classic teams from the past, nine classic club teams from the past, seven league all-star teams, six international super teams and eight different stadiums, every day is a matchday!
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World Tour Soccer Cheats

  • Super teams: Europe

    By winning the Euro cup.

  • Super teams: World

    By winning the World Tournament.

  • Super teams: North America

    By winning the Americas cup.

  • Super teams: South America

    By winning the South Americas Cup

  • Super teams: Africa

    By winning the Africa cup.

  • Super teams: Brazil 1970

    Win all cups in Cups mode.

  • Super teams: Asia and Oceania

    By winning the Asia and Oceania cup.

  • Getting easy points:

    When you are in challenge mode, run to the goal as if you are going to score and just pass the ball. Every time you pass the ball, you will get 30 or 40 points. Keep repeating this as long as desired.

  • Playing in cups

    If you are half way through a cup and you lose a match but don't want to start the whole cup again, right after the match ends,if you press the home button, and them select the UMD icon to restart the game,when you go back to the cup you were playing in, you will be at the begining of the match you have just lost.