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Until Dawn
Game Description: The goal of Until Dawn is to survive until dawn, but thanks to an isolated location, an exciting script and a dark secret, survival won't be easy.
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Until Dawn Gamescom 2012 Preview -- Putting the Move in Slasher Movie

Until Dawn Gamescom 2012 Preview -- Putting the Move in Slasher Movie

By Rob Manuel - Posted Aug 16, 2012

One of the big surprises at Sony's gamescom press conference came in the form of a playable teen horror movie, Until Dawn. You'll take the role as each of the eight teens in turn as they try to survive the night at a sky lodge in British Columbia. This being a teen horror movie, you'll need to worry more about a murderer hiding out in the snowy woods than trying to get down the bunny slope.

One of the most interesting aspects of this title happens to be how you control your character. Designed with the Sony Move wand in mind, you only need this one controller to do everything from exploration to fighting back who knows what. With most characters wielding some sort of light source, all you need to do is point and hold down the button to move. Squeeze it hard if you need to run, or just barely touch it to creep by.

To make things easier, there's a help button that lets you know what you can interact with in your environment. Press it and items give off a little glow to give them away. Interacting with puzzle elements includes pulling levers, opening drawers, or piecing together a torn note. Players use the wand to move around their hand or pick up objects with a simple push of a button.

Behind closed doors, we got to see an extended cut of the action you see in the trailer. Starting out in the third chapter of a story, we meet Michael and Jessica just as they've been exiled--or as Jessica calls it, "sex-iled"--from the lodge for being a little too frisky. One of their friends gives them the keys to their parent's cabin in the woods for them to perform their dirty work.

Dialogue is light with a peppering of sexual innuendo, a staple of most teen-centered horror flicks. SuperMassive Games already has a Hollywood writer working on the script with young stars you may recognize as a part of the cast. They won't say who they have yet, but the developers mentioned that there will be an announcement soon about the cast of Until Dawn.

Until Dawn

As you move up the winding, snow-covered road, you'll find more than just snowmen and woodland creatures along the way. As it turns out, this is an old mining town with a history. The young starlets stumble across abandoned mines that might have seen some use recently and other items that might help out your Scooby team to solve the case. As the developer pointed out, you don't need to look for any of these items to experience the story. But if you want to survive, you might want to poke around a bit.

Our story continues with Michael and Jessica racing to the cabin after finding a deer that barely survived a brutal attack. After getting inside, the young couple finds out the cabin has no electricity. As you're looking for a way to light a fire, you stumble across a chisel that can be used to break open the lock to the gun case. Sure, I know that's what everyone does when they find a chisel in the bathroom, but this is a teen horror movie after all. The smart thing to do would have been just to stay at the lodge to begin with.

As the scene continues, the attacker grabs Jessica by busting through the window in the door and races off into the forest. You follow the trail of blood she leaves behind into an abandoned mining town and finally into the mine itself. The scene ends with Jessica's lifeless body coming up with the elevator and the killer about to take another victim. This isn't a spoiler since this is one of several possible endings for this chapter alone. The developers note that it's possible to keep all of the kids alive in the game...sort of.

To find out what the developers mean by "sort of" or just to get your hands on a horror movie you control, you'll need to wait until next year when Until Dawn hits the PS3.