God of War Origins Collection - PS3

God of War Origins Collection
Game Description: Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta remastered in HD
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God of War: Origins Preview

God of War: Origins Preview

By Jeffrey Matuef - Posted Jun 08, 2011

Perhaps the God of War series' chief characteristics was its bombastic sensibilities. Kratos' carnal desire for bloodshed against the colossal Greek Gods who'd wronged him was pure spectacle. To play two fifths of his adventures on a diminutive handheld was borderline criminal. No wonder he's so angry.

Now his bite-sized PSP adventures, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, have been blown up to titan proportions on the PS3 with God of War: Origins. While most of these titles remain the same, there have been some touch-ups. Notably the graphics are now HD (that runs up to 1080P and includes 3D support). It also includes the DLC skins from Ghost of Sparta and a director's roundtable video (but no commentary while playing). The whole thing looks fantastic. Not as good as game built for the PS3, mind, but it looked comparable to the God of War Collection.

Controls have also been altered to adapt to the dualshock by allowing you to use the right analogue stick to dodge. PSP purists who preferred squeezing both triggers and dodging with the left stick will be happy to hear that that's still an option as well.

The hands-on I played was the beginning of Ghost of Sparta with Kratos hacking away at spidery zombie-like creatures aboard a ship around Atlantis. It looks and feels like other God of War games, with the same familiar mix of melee combat, magic attacks, and puzzle solving. For the most part the controls work well, though you still can't cancel out of attack animations. This has been the case for the entire series, so if it didn't bother you before, it won't anymore. Though for those hoping for refinement there may be disappointed.

Having never played the source material I can't compare it to its PSP counterpart, but it certainly didn't resemble the type of watered down experience one typically associates with handheld spinoffs. Combat was as brutal as ever and when a six-tentacled sea monster flailed its appendages around the screen as if to offer an alien style facehug, one would have thought this originated with big screen 3D in mind. It's hard to believe its origins (pun not intended) were so humble. This is what these games should have been all along.

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  • TromboneFanatic

    Are they jacking it up to a $60 game on release day? Or will they be more sensible and offer it at $40 like the other remastered collections?

    Posted: June 8, 2011 7:39 PM
  • Completist

    Just like the other God of War games, Day freakin 1 purchase for me. :D

    Posted: June 8, 2011 12:24 PM