Kung Fu Panda 2 Cheats - PS3

Game Description:Kung Fu Panda 2 the video game begins where the movie leaves off, as Po and the Furious Five venture out to save kung fu from a new evil threat. Only with Kinect for Xbox 360 will Po teach players key kung fu moves and train them for impending battles against new, never-before-seen enemies, co-created by THQ and DreamWorks Animation. Utilizing Kinect, players will then seemingly transform into Po as they block, dodge, duck, punch and kick, no controller required. Onscreen, Po follows their every move as the game takes them into some new terrains and environments.
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Kung Fu Panda 2 Cheats

  • Student of Master Ox (Bronze)

    Learn Master Ox's ground-pounding Thunder Strike technique

  • Claws of Courage (Bronze)

    Get a boost from Tigress

  • Tail of Triumph (Bronze)

    Rescue Monkey from the Komodos

  • Student of Shifu (Bronze)

    Learn Master Shifu's slick Kung Fu Curl technique

  • Wings of Walloping (Bronze)

    Help Crane defeat the wolves

  • Student of Master Croc (Bronze)

    Learn Master Croc's incredible Acu-punch technique

  • Fangs of Fury (Bronze)

    Rescue Viper in the undercity

  • Pincers of Power (Bronze)

    Rescue Mantis in the tunnel

  • Student of the Blade (Bronze)

    Defeat your first enemy with a weapon

  • Who was this Shen guy again? (Silver)

    Find all of the Red Symbols

  • Komodo Clobber (Bronze)

    Defeat 8 Komodos

  • Platinum Trophy (Platinum)

    Earn all Memorabilia

  • Master Croc (Silver)

    Stun 10 Enemies with Acu-punch

  • Panda Pow (Bronze)

    Defeat 40 Wolves

  • You Just Got Panda'd (Silver)

    Defeat 64 Komodos

  • Tumbled from the Tower (Bronze)

    Defeat the Gorilla Leader Once

  • Kung Fu Power (Bronze)

    Defeat 12 Gorillas

  • Gorilla Grinder (Bronze)

    Defeat 3 Gorillas

  • Boundless Fists (Bronze)

    Defeat 10 Wolves

  • How Zen-like (Silver)

    Defeat 24 Gorillas

  • Ridiculously Awesome (Silver)

    Find 600 Steel

  • Shen is obliterated! (Silver)

    Find 1/2 of the Red Symbols

  • Journey of Discovery (Silver)

    Find all the Jade Statuettes for Master Croc

  • Demolished the Dragon (Gold)

    Defeat Xiao Dan in Combat

  • Awesome! (Bronze)

    Find 100 Steel

  • Tao of Pow (Bronze)

    Defeat 32 Komodos

  • Master Shifu (Silver)

    Bowl over 10 Enemies with Kung Fu Curl

  • Shakabooie! (Silver)

    Find 600 Gold

  • Shen is defeated! (Silver)

    Find 1 Red Symbol

  • Amazingly Awesome (Bronze)

    Find 300 Steel

  • Ska-doosh! (Bronze)

    Find 300 Gold

  • Destined for Awesomeness (Bronze)

    Find 100 Iron

  • Getting Awesomer (Silver)

    Find 600 Iron

  • Crushed by Master Croc (Silver)

    Defeat the Wolf Leader 3 Times

  • Escaped the Enemy (Silver)

    Escape your first encounter with Xiao Dan

  • Helped into the Harbor (Bronze)

    Defeat the Wolf Leader Once

  • Now Serving Justice (Silver)

    Find all the Black Blades for Master Ox

  • Yeeeeeah! (Bronze)

    Find 100 Gold

  • Vanquished in the Village (Silver)

    Defeat the Gorilla Leader 2 Times

  • Blade Master (Silver)

    Defeat 10 Enemies while holding a weapon

  • Armor Acquisition (Silver)

    Find all the Armor Pieces for the Armorer

  • Pretty Awesome (Bronze)

    Find 300 Iron

  • Master Ox (Silver)

    Smash 10 Enemy Shields with Thunder Strike

  • Strike with Style (Silver)

    Defeat 80 Wolves