Kung Fu Live - PS3

Kung Fu Live
Game Description: Kung-Fu LIVE is targeted at the broad audience as a game to be enjoyed in a social setting amongst family and friends. Toss away the gamepad and kick, jump, flip and throw punches against a growing swarm of baddies - Kung-Fu LIVE is all about hands-free, real-time movement and action. Step into the world of martial arts in this humor-toned and sporty beat ‘em up adventure!
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I really wanted to like Kung Fu Live. The PlayStation 3 downloadable EyeToy game has a lot going for it: The presentation is goofy-cool, a silly, comic book world perfect for a slight, gimmicky title, and the hook of the game is awesome. The problem, though, is that the Eyetoy camera control system doesn't work very well, and turns what could have been a doofy little romp into a exercise in double-frustration.

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