CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Cheats - PS3

  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Genre:Action, Adventure
  • Developer:
  • Release Date:Oct 26, 2010
  • # of Players:1 player
  • ESRB:M - Mature (Blood, Drug Reference, Mild Sexual Themes, Violence)
  • Platforms:
Game Description: For the first time in the CSI game series, team up with the cast of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation not only to solve some of the most gruesome crimes of Sin City, but also to take down a dangerous drug cartel. Unveil clues in 5 connected cases to bring a powerful drug lord to justice in the most strategic and unpredictable CSI game yet!
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CSI: Fatal Conspiracy Cheats

  • Close Counts After All (Silver)

    Completed a case with at least 90% Thoroughness

  • Boss Fight (Silver)

    Completed Case 5: Boss Fight

  • All Washed Up (Silver)

    Completed Case 4: All Washed Up

  • Fool Me Once (Bronze)

    Completed a case with at least 65% Cunning

  • CSI: Fatal Conspiracy (Gold)

    Completed CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

  • Can't Get Fooled Again (Silver)

    Completed a case with at least 90% Cunning

  • Flash Baked (Silver)

    Completed Case 1: Flash Baked

  • Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! (Gold)

    Noticed the discrepancy in Jayne Barrett's security records

  • A Tough Job (Silver)

    Indentified both samples of DNA on the garment from John Barrett's room

  • Reading in Fun (Bronze)

    Opened the Case File

  • Planting Evidence (Silver)

    Completed Case 2: Planting Evidence

  • Smoke the Hive (Gold)

    Found enough evidence to destroy Beatriz Salazar's drug empire

  • No Stone Unturned (Gold)

    Completed a case with 100% Thoroughness

  • Technically Perfect (Gold)

    Completed a case with 100% Skill

  • Not Up To Code (Silver)

    Confronted Pete Baxa about asbestos in the spa

  • Research Grant (Silver)

    Completed a case with at least 90% Skill

  • Thorough Enough, Darn It (Bronze)

    Completed a case with at least 65% Thoroughness

  • Thanks For Playing (Bronze)

    Watched the opening sequence

  • Under the Hood (Bronze)

    Visited the Options menu

  • Scavenger Hunt (Silver)

    Found all evidence in Case 2: Planting Evidence

  • Human Polygraph (Gold)

    Completed a case with 100% Cunning

  • I Like to Watch (Bronze)

    Watched a movie from the Case File

  • Tapped Out (Silver)

    Completed Case 3: Tapped Out

  • He Said, She Said (Silver)

    Asked Will Rice about Veronica's real alibi

  • Test Tube Washer (Bronze)

    Completed a case with at least 65% Skill

  • Completist (Platinum)

    All other trophies earned