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Game Description:Sleeping Dogs catapults players into the role of undercover cop Wei Shen, tasked with taking down one of the world’s most fearsome criminal organisations from the inside... the Hong Kong Triads. As players explore the bustling and crowded Hong Kong island, through its neon-lit side streets and sprawling street markets, an incredible story unfolds of loyalty and betrayal where Wei begins to question his own motives as he is sucked in deeper than he could ever imagine.
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Sleeping Dogs Previews

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  • Video Preview

    Sleeping Dogs "Nightmare in North Point" DLC Preview

    Find out more details about the upcoming Halloween DLC for Sleeping Dogs called Nightmare in North Point as G4tv.com interviews Dan Sochan, Producer at United Front Games.

    Posted: Oct 22, 2012 | 4,592 Views | 03:02

  • Preview

    Sleeping Dogs Hands-on Preview from E3 2012 -- Location, Location, Location

    For our latest hands-on look at Square Enix's promising open-world crime game, we engage in a some good old-fashioned fist fights and enjoy the vibrant, exotic scenery.

    Posted: Jun 13, 2012

  • Video Preview

    Official E3 Preview of Sleeping Dogs

    In this Sleeping Dogs E3 2012 preview, Dan Sochan, a producer at United Front Games, previews the open-world action adventure title set in Hong Kong.

    Posted: Jun 5, 2012 | 3,586 Views | 02:55

  • Video Preview

    Sleeping Dogs "Combat & Vehicles" Gameplay Preview

    Dan Sochan, Producer at United Front Games, shows you around the streets of Hong Kong and breaks down the different types of combat players will experience.

    Posted: May 24, 2012 | 19,638 Views | 03:16

  • Video Preview

    Sleeping Dogs Hands-On Preview


    As an undercover cop, you'll go hacking and bugging your way into infiltrating an Asian crime ring in the upcoming Sleeping Dogs, and Blair Herter gets details from Producer Dan Sochan on game's story, hand-to-hand martial combat, and more.

    Posted: May 15, 2012 | 7,203 Views | 02:39

  • Preview

    Sleeping Dogs Hands-On Preview: A Guided Tour Of Hong Kong

    Come along as we take you through a guided tour of Sleeping Dogs' Hong Kong. We'll be meeting thieves, driving fast cars, chasing NPCs, and gunning down baddies. Maybe you should grab a helmet.

    Posted: Apr 7, 2012

  • Preview

    Sleeping Dogs First Hands-on Preview -- Hard Boiled Affairs

    United Front Games gives us our first hands-on look at its hard boiled, open-world crime title, and lets us satisfy our undying love of getting into stylish shootouts in the neon-drenched streets of Hong Kong.

    Posted: Feb 17, 2012

  • Video Preview

    E3 2010: True Crime: Hong Kong Interview

    In 'True Crime: Hong Kong,' you'll travel the ancient sprawling city and act as an action hero in that world. Jeff O'Connell, Lead Producer on the game, tells us all about how you can do that, and what a badass you'll be.

    Posted: Jun 19, 2010 | 10,385 Views | 05:59

  • Sleeping Dogs "The Year of the Snake" DLC Trailer

    Posted: March 12, 2013

    5,998 Views | 01:39

  • Best of 2012: Best Action/Adventure Game

    Posted: December 5, 2012

    5,401 Views | 01:57

  • X-Play Holiday Staff Picks Part 2

    Posted: November 29, 2012

    5,172 Views | 02:54

  • Sleeping Dogs "Nightmare in North Point" Halloween Trailer

    Posted: October 30, 2012

    4,407 Views | 01:46

  • Sleeping Dogs "Nightmare in North Point" DLC Preview

    Posted: October 22, 2012

    4,592 Views | 03:02


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