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Top Gun
Game Description: Experience heart-pounding air combat in this new take on the iconic 1987 film.
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E3 2010: Top Gun Preview

E3 2010: Top Gun Preview

By Joe Rybicki - Posted Jun 22, 2010

Top Gun

What We Already Know

Only what Kenny Loggins warned us about almost 25 years ago.

What We're Seeing Now

As a PSN exclusive, Top Gun may lack the depth and breadth of other arcade flight-combat games. But what it lacks in scope it makes up for in a completely rocking '80s soundtrack. Featuring songs from the film (including Loggins' unforgettable "Danger Zone") and a new script penned by the film's writer, Top Gun whisks players through Top Gun Academy and quickly dispatches them to missions over the Indian Ocean.

The air combat is pretty much what you'd expect from games like, er, Air Combat, but with a few refinements: For one thing, health and weapons alike recharge at a reasonable rate. For another, the game includes an easy auto-targeting system that allows you to track and hone in on enemies that have moved offscreen.

Top Gun

With six planes and 11 missions, the game can be completed in a couple of hours. But a generous approach to replayability has the designers hoping players will keep coming back to unlock secret trophies and climb the leaderboards. As if the soundtrack weren't reason enough to come back

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