Deadliest Warrior: The Game - PS3

Deadliest Warrior: The Game
Game Description:Based on the popular Spike TV series, “Deadliest Warrior: The Game” allows you to choose one of eight warrior classes and your fighter with an ever-growing selection of signature weaponry. Enter the Fight Lab training simulation (in Practice Mode) to test the lethality and precision of your weapons against various targets and armor types, or complete a series of challenges to unlock your warrior’s full arsenal in Challenge Mode. You’ll learn about each warrior’s strengths and weaknesses and then develop your own tactics for each potential matchup. True to the brutal realities of combat, there are no health pickups, and warriors will show the bloody scars of battle, be crippled, lose limbs or even get beheaded, during combat.
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In this adaptation of the alternately mocked and exalted "documentary" series "Deadliest Warrior," gamers are given the chance to pit fighters of various eras in battle. The combat is shallow, and the downloadable title isn't without its flaws, but if your bloodlust conquers all, a goofy and enjoyable time can easily be had.

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