NCAA Football 11 Cheats - PS3

Game Description: Feel the emotion of authentic college football more than ever with NCAA Football 11. From running the ‘no-huddle’ spread offense to walking out of the tunnel locking arms, everything you do and see will be original to your favorite school. With the TruSchool system, NCAA Football 11 delivers unique game play and traditions for each of the 120 schools.
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NCAA Football 11 Cheats

  • Blue Chip (Bronze)

    Become a 5-star prospect in Road to Glory Mode.

  • Head and Shoulders Above (Bronze)

    In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on your conference's All-Time leaderboard.

  • Formation Sub Success (Bronze)

    Score a touchdown with a player being subbed in using Formation Subs (excludes co-op).

  • 1st Option For 6 (Bronze)

    Score a touchdown handing off to the fullback on a triple option play (excludes co-op).

  • Burn That Shirt (Bronze)

    Remove the redshirt from a player in a game, and earn player of the game status with that player.

  • Mix It Up (Bronze)

    Rush for 100 yards in a game with a team that runs an Air Raid offense (excludes co-op).

  • Pistol (Silver)

    Gain 100 yards with a QB and a HB while running Pistol offense in a game (excludes co-op).

  • Point Some Fingers (Bronze)

    In a single phone call, take 250 points away from one school by downplaying pitches.

  • 20/20 Club (Silver)

    In a solo Dynasty or Road to Glory season, get 20+ passing and 20+ rushing TD's with one player.

  • Hero (Bronze)

    Score a touchdown as time expires to win the game (excludes co-op).

  • Red Zone Shutout (Bronze)

    Complete a Play Now or Dynasty Mode game without allowing a TD from the Red Zone (excludes co-op).

  • Veteran (Bronze)

    Win a game by 35+ points on Heisman difficulty (excludes co-op).

  • What a Weekend (Silver)

    Invite 5 or more recruits to a game and get all A- or better visit grades in a single user Dynasty.

  • Strike the Pose (Bronze)

    Win the Heisman Memorial Trophy in single team Dynasty Mode or Road to Glory Mode.

  • Take a Stab Downfield (Bronze)

    Complete a pass for 50 or more yards in a Play Now or Dynasty mode game (excludes co-op).

  • Air Raid (Silver)

    Score 35+ points in a game running an Air Raid offense (excludes co-op)

  • Earned Your PT (Bronze)

    Become a starter in Road to Glory Mode.

  • Lock It Up (Bronze)

    With Player Lock on, return an interception for a TD (excludes co-op).

  • Perfect From the Start (Silver)

    In a single team Dynasty, maintain a #1 ranking for the entire season.

  • Platinum Trophy (Platinum)

    Unlock every trophy.

  • Program Changer (Bronze)

    Sign a 5-star QB or HB with a 2-star prestige school in a single team Dynasty (no ATH).

  • Aggressive Spread No Huddle (Silver)

    Score a touchdown running only no huddle for an entire drive with a Spread offense (excludes co-op).

  • Crash the Party (Bronze)

    In a single team Dynasty, earn an invite to a BCS game with a team from a non-BCS conference.

  • Untouchable (Bronze)

    In a single team Dynasty, win all games in a season by 21+. (Must play the BCS title game)

  • Draw Me a Touchdown (Bronze)

    Score a touchdown running a draw play on 3rd and 6+ yards (excludes co-op).

  • The D Is For… (Bronze)

    Hold the opposition to under 100 total yards in Play Now or Dynasty Mode game (excludes co-op).

  • In Your Crosshairs (Bronze)

    Spotlight a receiver and get an interception on him in a Play Now or Dynasty game (excludes co-op).

  • Speed Reader (Bronze)

    Score a touchdown on a QB Choice run play (excludes co-op).

  • Spread No Huddle (Silver)

    Score 2 touchdowns in a game after calling audibles using a Spread offense (excludes co-op).

  • Setup Shop In the Big 3 (Bronze)

    In a single team Dynasty, develop new pipelines in Texas, California, and Florida.

  • Survivor (Bronze)

    Be the last remaining undefeated team in a single team Dynasty.

  • Switcheroo (Bronze)

    Secure a commitment from a prospect that was a soft commit elsewhere.

  • One Back (Silver)

    Run a One Back and gain 200 yards rushing in a game (excludes co-op).

  • Options (Silver)

    Score 35+ points in a game running an Option offense (excludes co-op).

  • There He Goes… (Bronze)

    Break a run for 50 or more yards in a Play Now or Dynasty Mode game (excludes co-op).

  • Treasure Hunter (Silver)

    Win all bowl trophies (including National Championship) in Dynasty or Road to Glory modes.

  • Picking Up Yards (Bronze)

    In a solo Dynasty or Road to Glory, have a player with an avg. 6+ yards per carry (min 100 attempts).

  • Best Class Ever (Bronze)

    Have the #1 ranked recruiting class in a season in single team Dynasty Mode.

  • Campus Legend (Bronze)

    In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on your team's All-Time leaderboard.

  • Balanced Attack (Bronze)

    Gain 200 rushing yards and 200 passing yards in the same game (excludes co-op and Road to Glory).

  • Red Zone Protection (Bronze)

    Complete a Play Now or Dynasty Mode game with a Red Zone Efficiency rating of 100% (excludes co-op).

  • One Hit Wonder (Bronze)

    Get an instant commit from a prospect by offering a scholarship on a one topic call.

  • Don't Call It a Comeback (Silver)

    Convince a player with an overall rating of 95 or higher to stay.

  • High School Champ (Bronze)

    Play and win the High School Championship Game in any state.

  • Simply Perfect (Silver)

    Play an entire season in a single team Dynasty and remain undefeated.

  • Run and Shoot (Silver)

    Gain 300 yards passing in a game throwing to at least 5 receivers using the Run and Shoot (no co-op).

  • Throw 'Em a Curveball (Bronze)

    Throw for 300 yards in one game using an Option offense (excludes co-op).

  • Greatness (Gold)

    In Road to Glory Mode, earn a spot on the NCAA All-Time leaderboard.

  • Mr. Efficiency (Bronze)

    In a solo Dynasty or Road to Glory, have a QB with a completion % of 65+ (min 100 attempts).

  • Multiple Offense (Silver)

    Call at least one play from 10 different formation sets up using a Multiple offense (excludes co-op).

  • West Coast/Pro Style (Silver)

    Using a West Coast/Pro Style offense, complete passes to 8 different receivers (excludes co-op).