3D Dot Game Heroes - PS3

Game Description:A long, long time ago, the Dark King Onyx brought an age of darkness upon Dotnia Kingdom. Only by the bravery of a hero with a legendary sword was Onyx sealed in an orb, restoring peace to the world. But Fuelle, a powerful Dark Bishop, has stolen the orb, and with it, peace. Dotnia requires a hero once more! Can you live up to the legend? Key Features Ultimate retro love letter -- Seamlessly fusing new and old, the golden era of gaming is felt in every detail of this lovingly-crafted adventure. Eye-popping visuals capture the nostalgic charm of pixel graphics in cutting edge 3D. Simple, but deep action-adventure gameplay is a throwback to the 8-bit era. Veterans will find references and jokes that pay homage to the great games of yore. Awe and adventure live again -- Embark on the next generation of classic exploration and discovery in a grand story-based quest. A hero sets out to gain the power of the six sages and the six orbs that protected the kingdom of Dotnia, which now stands on the verge of destruction. Customize your hero -- When pixels are your building blocks, the possibilities are unlimited. Freely edit the look of your character, or design one completely from scratch, and then trade designs with friends via a compatible USB storage device. Your hero's blade is also upgradeable, letting you add length and width to create a sword that fills the whole screen!
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3D Dot Game Heroes Impressions

3D Dot Game Heroes Impressions

By Patrick Klepek - Posted Apr 08, 2010

3D Dot Game Heroes

There's no doubt that 3D Dot Game Heroes definitely looks like one of the greatest throwbacks to the classic games many of us grew up with, but there's been a question that's lingered in my mind about it ever since the first screen shots surfaced: Would this game actually be good? Nostalgia is a powerful thing and I worried 3D Dot Game Heroes would rely on that alone.

Having finished two dungeons of From Software's modern take on the original formula for The Legend of Zelda, I'm not yet confident there's a clean-cut answer to that question just yet. What is clear, however, is old school games fans, especially ones steeped in Zelda fandom, will find themselves overjoyed with 3D Dot Game Heroes. There are references, visual cues and jokes that will only make sense to people who found were once enamored with Link's original adventures. Overjoyed is probably an understatement, too. Even the music riffs on Shigeru Miyamoto's classic. 3D Dot Game Heroes plays like a self-aware, fourth wall-breaking remake of The Legend of Zelda that's laden with respect for Miyamoto's foundation from the moment it begins.

3D Dot Game Heroes is a hardcore game, too. The enemies are happy to provide a bevy of cheap hits to tick away at your heart count and From Software's gameplay approach returns to something most video games ditched a long time ago: non-linearity. These days, non-linear gameplay tends to reference an open world experience, where the player can go anywhere at anytime and experiment. That's true in 3D Dot Game Heroes, too, but that's layered on top of the expectation that when the player explores, they just might find an area they're not supposed to have discovered yet, a landscape with enemies you're not prepared to fight. 3D Dot Game Heroes has an element of player discovery that asks the gamer to do something more than follow an arrow. I found the approach refreshing.

It's also worth nothing 3D Dot Game Heroes marks the first time I've actually scribbled down a map in my notebook as reference material in...heck, I can't remember the last time a game prompted me to do that. It was the really good kind of nerdy feeling.

There are four more magical orbs to be collected in my 3D Dot Game Heroes adventure, barring the appearance of a magical second world to explore once the boss is vanquished. I still can't confidently answer whether 3D Dot Game Heroes is a really great game, but I can already tell you it's a fantastic trip down memory line in high-definition and Zelda fans are going to flip for it.