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Game Description: Electrified protagonist Cole McGrath returns in Sucker Punch's follow-up to its critically acclaimed third-person action title.
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inFamous 2 New Enemies Preview -- Supersized Baddies for a Supercharged Hero

inFamous 2 New Enemies Preview -- Supersized Baddies for a Supercharged Hero

By David Rudden - Posted Apr 29, 2011

With inFamous 2 less than two months from launch, we’ve learned a great deal about the gameplay tweaks Sucker Punch has applied in order to take the super-hero sandbox game to greater heights. The revamped main character, insane new powers, and innovative mission-creation system have all been discussed at length, but one of the original game’s weaknesses—the bland enemy design—hasn’t been touched upon.  Our latest look at the game has finally shed some light on some of the game’s most fearsome new creatures as we checked out two new missions.

infamous 2

The “Behemoth” is, by far, the largest creature to ever cross Cole McGrath’s parkour path. Resembling the Leviathan from Resistance 2, the Behemoth laid waste to the streets of New Marias with Cole’s powers serving as the only way to stop the carnage. At a height nearing the city’s biggest skyscrapers, the Behemoth was too much monster to handle head-on as his offensive repertoire included moves to grab Cole with its disgusting oral appendages, to blow him away with power waves of noxious gas, or the old giant creature stand-by—crushing the hero underfoot.

The key to victory against the Behemoth was finding strategic vantage points along its path to get the clearest shot possible (usually with Cole’s new electric missile attack) when the beast exposed one of its few weak spots. Staying off the road will also be key to recharging, as the street lights and lamp posts unfortunate enough to be placed in front of the Behemoth won’t have anything to offer when they’ve been reduced to rubble.


After taking down the high-quality giant, we faced off against a quantity of soldiers and super-powered enemies during the second part of the demo. Working off a tip from his trusted informant, Zeke, Cole headed to an industrial complex in search of Blast Cores—the key to granting even greater powers. During the mission, we navigated through a series of warehouses in search of hidden safes that may be holding the precious material. In the hero’s way were two warring factions each in the search for the cores, requiring Cole to dispense with them when they weren’t battling each other.

The level started with a few standard militia soldiers in the way, who were taken down with the new Amp melee weapon and combo system. Later in the level, we came across supercharged enemies called the Ice Gang, who have a variety of element-based attacks to counter Cole’s electric powers. Using their power to create makeshift shields and damaging currents of frozen water, we used some of Cole’s newer ionic powers, like the ionic drain and the ionic vortex (tornado attack), to take them out from afar. Unlike the electricity-based attacks, Cole can’t rely on the environment to power his moves, as ionic moves can only be charged by sapping power from defeated foes.

infamous 2

After finding the Blast Cores in the final warehouse on the map, a new enemy entered the fray. The Ice Gang-affiliated Titan was a giant frozen creature with a variety of projectiles and brutal melee attacks to throw at Cole. While not as large as the Behemoth, the Titan still dwarfed the militia and Cole, standing taller than the pickup trucks parked throughout the complex. After using a few ranged attacks to weaken the Titan, a button-mash prompt appeared. Successfully completing the action allowed Cole to pry part of the Titan’s icy façade off, exposing its weak point, which was quickly met with a barrage of electricity. With the cores (and the new, unrevealed powers that come with it) in Cole’s possession, our time with inFamous 2’s new enemies was over.

Beyond the two awe-inspiring giant creatures that tested our mettle this time around, there looms an even greater threat throughout inFamous 2. The “Beast” hinted about during the events of the original inFamous drives the story of the sequel, as Cole’s search for Blast Cores is key to building up enough power to dispatch of the Armageddon-bringing enemy. We were told the game will include an early confrontation with the Beast that will prove Cole’s early inability. With some pretty big enemies falling to Cole during our hour-long demo, we’re eagerly anticipating our date with the Beast when inFamous 2 releases on June 7.

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  • anchgu10

    I have a question. Are the Militia going to be as accurate with their guns as the Reapers were? That was so annoying in the first game.

    Posted: April 29, 2011 8:52 PM
  • HauntaVirus

    That butt shot of Cole is HOT ;)

    Posted: April 29, 2011 3:19 PM
  • Scarfo

    Having to fight gigantic monsters is full of win! You would think that most adventure games would utilize this feature?

    Posted: April 29, 2011 1:03 PM