Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Cheats - PS3

Game Description:Prepare for a Dynasty Warriors experience like no other. The most innovative Warriors game in years. for the first time ever, up to four players can now team up to take on some of the most challenging enemies ever to stand in the way of victory. The levels have been re-designed with the focus on team work and to overcome each level's strategic features and challenges. Massive bosses now stand in your way and it will require some serious team work to defeat these ultra powerful enemies. Astounding new abilities and powers will now enable the legendary Warriors to fight in the skies and unleash moves and attacks that will rock the battlefield to their very foundations. Characters can be enchanced and completely individualised through the clever use of special items that can alter their skills.These legendary warriors can now wield two weapons in battle. For the first time ever, you can select any sub weapon for any character. Most dramatic of all is the new Fury Transformation that puts shade. When a character enters their awakened state no enemy is safe.
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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Cheats

  • Diao Chan

    Complete Battle of Hu Lao Gate on five stars.

  • Invincible General (Silver)

    Complete all Quests

  • Officer K.O. (Bronze)

    Defeat first Officer

  • Online Venture (Silver)

    Connect to Online City for the first time

  • Tyranny Sealed (Silver)

    Completed Chapter 3 in any Story

  • Card Collector (Silver)

    Collect all Officer Cards

  • Dong Zhuo

    Complete Battle of Luo Yang and Battle of Mei Castle on five stars.

  • Heretics Suppressed (Bronze)

    Completed Chapter 1 in any Story

  • Legend Collector (Silver)

    Collect all Legends

  • Zhang Jiao

    Complete Yellow Turban Rebellion on five stars.

  • Academy Disciple (Bronze)

    Acquire first Chi Skill

  • Budding Strategist (Bronze)

    Use first Card Tactic

  • Orb Collector (Silver)

    Collect all Orbs

  • Three Kingdoms Established (Silver)

    Completed Chapter 4 in any Story

  • Victory Banquet (Silver)

    Complete first online Quest

  • Blacksmith Patron 1 (Bronze)

    Make first weapon

  • Blacksmith Patron 2 (Bronze)

    Power up first weapon

  • Lu Bu

    Complete Chapter 6 of Any Story Mode.

  • Third Costume

    Reach level 10 with any character to unlock that character's third costume.

  • Three Kingdoms United - Wei (Silver)

    Completed Wei's Story

  • Weaponry K.O. (Bronze)

    Defeat first Weaponry

  • Budding General (Bronze)

    Issue first command to Allied Officer

  • Fourth Costume

    Clear 50 Quests with any character to unlock that character's fourth costume.

  • Mutual Exchange (Silver)

    Trade Officer with another player for the first time

  • Three Kingdoms United - Shu (Silver)

    Completed Shu's Story

  • Dynasty Warrior (Platinum)

    Unlock all trophies

  • Grand General (Gold)

    Reach Level 50

  • Minnow K.O. (Bronze)

    Defeat first rank and file soldier

  • Weapon Collector (Silver)

    Collect all Weapons

  • Workshop Patron (Bronze)

    Make first Orb

  • Grand Developer (Gold)

    Upgrade all City Facilities to maximum

  • Grand Strategist (Gold)

    Use all Card Tactics

  • Three Kingdoms United - Wu (Silver)

    Completed Wu's Story

  • Traitor Crushed (Bronze)

    Completed Chapter 2 in any Story

  • Tyranny Vanquished (Gold)

    Completed Chapter 6 in any Story

  • Yuan Shao

    Complete Zenith Tower Request Mission

  • Meng Huo

    Complete Unification of Nan Zhong (Complete the previous two Nanman Quests from the second Gatekeeper in Chapter 3)

  • Treasure Collector (Silver)

    Collect all Treasures

  • Victory Toast (Bronze)

    Complete first Quest