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Game Description: The first next-generation game for Zipper Interactive (creators of the online phenomenon SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs), MAG offers a sweeping battle experience for a total of 256 players online. Eight player squads combine together to form a tactical military experience like no other.
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MAG News

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  • Sessler's Soapbox: E3 is Next Week!

    You all already know E3 is next week. You're already planning on watching our live coverage straight from the show floor. So obviously E3 is on everyone's mind, including Adam's. This weeks' Soapbox gives Adam the chance to talk about what he hopes to and is expecting to see at E3 next week. Who does he think has the best line-up going into the...

    Posted May 27, 2009| 49 Comments

    Sessler's Soapbox: E3 is Next Week!
  • G4's E3 Game Demo Madness!

    If you've been following our site over the last month or so, I'm sure you're already aware that G4 will be bringing you 22 hours of live coverage of E3 2009, as well as wall-to-wall, 24-7 web coverage of the show. I'm talking floor-reports, Steve Wiebe's world-record Donkey Kong attempt, live coverage of the major press conferences and way, way...

    Posted May 27, 2009| 45 Comments

    G4's E3 Game Demo Madness!
  • 'MAG' Lead Game Designer Interview -- Solid Game Design Meets Massive Player Counts

    Andy Beaudoin, lead game designer on MAG, was kind enough to give us an incredible amount of information on the new online FPS from Sony. If you were wondering how Zipper Interactive plans on organizing the chaos that is 128 vs. 128 online battles, watch this video. There is some seriously solid game design going into this project and I really...

    Posted April 30, 2009| 30 Comments

    'MAG' Lead Game Designer Interview -- Solid Game Design Meets Massive Player Counts
  • 'MAG' Gamer's Day Interview -- How Massive Is It? So Massive!

    Curious about Sony's ambitious new online FPS, MAG? I am. I mean, they want to make 128 vs. 128 player games a reality! How are they going to do this? How are they going to focus the gameplay? How come I don't have it yet?! Watch this interview with Mike Gutmann, vice president of Zipper Interactive, and learn a little something about this...

    Posted April 30, 2009| 32 Comments

    'MAG' Gamer's Day Interview -- How Massive Is It? So Massive!
  • 'MAG' Debut Trailer

    No introduction. It's the MAG trailer. 256 players online. PS3-Exclusive. Oh wait, that's an Introduction. Here's Johnson's awesome Hands-On for more. MAG Debut Trailer Watch Larger Version | Watch HD Version

    Posted April 29, 2009| 54 Comments

    'MAG' Debut Trailer
  • Hands-On: 'MAG'

    Zipper Interactive is nothing if not ambitious. The company created one of the first PlayStation 2 online games with the original SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs back in 2002, and was able to take the PS2’s last-gen hardware and networking capability and create a groundbreaking action series. The beefed up power and networking of the PlayStation 3...

    Posted April 29, 2009| 102 Comments

    Hands-On: 'MAG'
  • 'M.A.G': Subscription Fee Required?

    Since E3 2008, details on Sony and developer Zipper Interactive's highly ambitious shooter, currently named M.A.G.: Massive Action Game, have been scarce. As introduced by Sony executive Jack Tretton, MAG promises to unleash 256 players into a battlefield, divided into eight squads as they go all-out in an online warfare. Now, TheBitBag claims...

    Posted September 29, 2008| 191 Comments

    'M.A.G': Subscription Fee Required?
  • 'M.A.G' First Look And Details From Developer

    Senior producer Rade Stojsavljevic dropped some details on Sony's ambitious multiplayer title, currently dubbed as M.A.G: Massive Action Game, developed by SOCOM creators Zipper Interactive. Set to be released in 2009 for the PS3, the online shooter is set to be the first of its kind to hit consoles by allowing up to 256 players to hop in and...

    Posted July 22, 2008| 64 Comments

    'M.A.G' First Look And Details From Developer
  • All Access Preview: MAG

    Posted: May 8, 2009

    11,910 Views | 02:15 | 22 Comments

  • MAG Gamer's Day Lead Designer Interview

    Posted: April 30, 2009

    6,061 Views | 11:42 | 3 Comments

  • MAG Gamer's Day VP Interview

    Posted: April 29, 2009

    3,327 Views | 07:28 | 3 Comments

  • MAG Reveal Trailer

    Posted: April 29, 2009

    10,294 Views | 01:36 | 5 Comments

  • Rafael Chandler Profile

    Posted: January 30, 2009

    334 Views | 03:26


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