Tornado Outbreak Cheats - PS3

Game Description:Harness the power of one of nature's most devastating forces as you attempt to restore the all-powerful Omegaton to his former glory as the universe's greatest hero. As Zephyr, a being capable of whipping up tornadoes at will, players must tap into the collective power of various Elemental Warriors to recover Omegaton's lost power sources, which have been scattered across Earth. Wreak untold levels of destruction and chaos on the path to uncovering a mystery in which nothing is quite as it seems.
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Tornado Outbreak Cheats

  • Firenado (Gold)

    Absorbed 1300 Fire Flyers

  • God save the Queen! (Silver)

    Completed all levels in the United Kingdom.

  • I Think I'm Turning Japanese (Silver)

    Completed all levels in Japan.

  • Red, White, And Bruised (Silver)

    Completed all levels in the United States.

  • Waldo's Daddy (Silver)

    Unlocked all bonus materials

  • Friends Till An End (Silver)

    Released an Orb in multiplayer

  • Mix Masta Stomp (Bronze)

    Performed a Stone Stomp that destroys 10 objects

  • Sprite Cowboy (Silver)

    Absorbed 75 Fire Flyers at once

  • Sprite Herder (Bronze)

    Absorbed 50 Fire Flyers at once

  • Just-In-Time Tea-Time (Bronze)

    Completed Ringling Village

  • Passive Aggressive (Bronze)

    Absorbed 15 Fire Flyers at once without grabbing

  • Silent But Deadly (Silver)

    Military Mayhem Zone 1: Absorbed all 17 scientists before growing 4 times (non multiplayer)

  • There's Waldo (Silver)

    Unlocked first bonus material

  • A Bad Plan (Gold)

    Disrupted the bad man's bad plan

  • Old McDonald (Bronze)

    Absorbed 50 chickens

  • Taking Out The Trash (Bronze)

    Completed Double Wide Damage

  • Played Nice (Bronze)

    Played in a local multiplayer session

  • Sprite Slaughter House (Gold)

    Absorbed 100 Fire Flyers at once

  • Tanks For The Cleanup (Bronze)

    Completed Military Mayhem

  • Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (Bronze)

    Completed High Roller Blowout

  • Moderate Storm (Silver)

    Completed a Vortex Race with a silver medal.

  • Perfect Storm (Gold)

    Completed a Vortex Race with a gold medal.

  • Slacker (Bronze)

    Absorbed the minimum number of Fire Flyers in a non-tutorial level (non multiplayer)

  • Who Are You Trying To Please? (Silver)

    Absorbed and held at least 20 Fire Flyers before destroying 25 things

  • Apt Pupil (Bronze)

    Absorbed all 50 Fire Flyers within the last zone of the campground

  • Chivalry is Dead (Bronze)

    Completed Camelot Falls

  • Tornado Without A Cause (Bronze)

    Destroyed 100 things without absorbing any Fire Flyers

  • You're A Loose Cannon (Bronze)

    Destroyed a cannon

  • 100% Complete (Platinum)

    This trophy is automatically unlocked once all other trophies have been unlocked.

  • Adequate Storm (Bronze)

    Completed a Vortex Race with a bronze medal.

  • Coaster Toaster (Bronze)

    Completed Carnival Chaos

  • Ginormous Slalom (Silver)

    Missed 20 gates, but still completed the race

  • Godzilla Would be Proud (Silver)

    Completed Showdown with Omegaton

  • Green Eggs And... (Bronze)

    Completed Chicken Con Carnage

  • The Boss's Boss (Silver)

    Released an Orb without losing a Wind Warrior during a Totem approach

  • Tsunami Envy (Bronze)

    Completed Coastal Calamity