Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time - PS3

Game Description:The universe sits on the verge of destruction, as does the friendship of one of the most beloved duos in gaming history. Experience an all new epic adventure as you help Ratchet and Clank reunite and, hopefully, save the day. In addition to a slew of new wacky weaponry, players will also have to manipulate time itself in order to overcome the game's mind-bending puzzling and platforming, and ultimately defeat the diabolical Dr. Nefarious once and for all.
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Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Comic-Con 2009 Archive

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time Comic-Con 2009 Archive

By - Posted Jul 27, 2009
[1:47] Patrick Klepek: "Hey guys! I'm here live at the Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time panel. They should be starting in a little over 10 minutes."
[1:48] Patrick Klepek: "For now, I sip water and attempt to recover from last night's festivities."
[1:52] Patrick Klepek: "Some dude just walked in with a blow up ratchet thing from the floor. My head, it pounds. He was screaming."
[1:58] Patrick Klepek: "The panel should start any second now. People are being seated, guests have showed up."
[1:59] Patrick Klepek: "I could really go for a burrito right now."
[1:59] Patrick Klepek: "OK, we're starting!"
[2:00] Patrick Klepek: "Trailer rolling!"
[2:00] Patrick Klepek: "Captain Quark!"
[2:01] Patrick Klepek: ""You can't see it but there's a tribal tattoo under there!""
[2:02] Patrick Klepek: "The trailer isn't showing anything from the new game so far, just wrapping up what happened in the last game."
[2:04] Patrick Klepek: "Introducing the panelists, including the voices of several characters from the game .:)"
[2:06] Patrick Klepek: "Moderator just asked about the cliffhangers in the first game and Insomniac is promising A Crack In Time will bring closure to the storyline."
[2:06] Patrick Klepek: "Players will finally found out what happened to the Lombaxes."
[2:06] Patrick Klepek: "The "Future" series is designed to be a more mature take on Ratchet & Clank."
[2:07] Patrick Klepek: "This game is exploring the idea of maybe it's time for Ratchet and Clank to have their own adventures.  "
[2:07] Patrick Klepek: "A Crack In Time is designed to give Clank the spotlight. The last two games were pretty Ratchet focused."
[2:08] Patrick Klepek: "Dr. Nefarious' reasons for coming after Ratchet and Clank is more than a simple revenge plot."
[2:08] Patrick Klepek: "But it's still a B-movie, silly reason."
[2:09] Patrick Klepek: "How much of the story was planned from the start? Or are they making it up as they go along?"
[2:09] Patrick Klepek: "It's a little bit of both, according to Insomniac.  "
[2:10] Patrick Klepek: "Behind the scenes video playing right now."
[2:12] Patrick Klepek: "The video started with a mention of an unlockable. Sounds like you'll be able to unlock these videos in the game."
[2:16] Patrick Klepek: "The moderator just asked about how they are balancing new characters."
[2:16] Patrick Klepek: "They wanted Ratchet to have a mentor in A Crack In Time."
[2:17] Patrick Klepek: "Dr. Nefarious' voice actor is talking about the evolution of his character."
[2:18] Patrick Klepek: "He says his character seems to yell a lot more lately."
[2:18] Patrick Klepek: "Ratchet has grown up a bit. He's not as full of himself anymore."
[2:19] Patrick Klepek: "The moderator is asking how the recording goes for the voices. The actors record separately."
[2:20] Patrick Klepek: "The voice actor loves that it takes so long to record a new Ratchet game because there's so much story to tell."
[2:21] Patrick Klepek: "Insomniac appreciates the fan love for their characters and the fact that the characters continue to return to the series."
[2:22] Patrick Klepek: "Some of the voice actors have never even met."
[2:22] Patrick Klepek: "They are showing some Clank gameplay."
[2:22] Patrick Klepek: "Clank gets a weapon that allow shim to create a time bubble and slow everything down within that bubble."
[2:23] Patrick Klepek: "He can swing it around, too."
[2:23] Patrick Klepek: "Clank can also record himself doing various actions and play back that action so that multiple things can happen at once. Crazy puzzles imminent."
[2:24] Patrick Klepek: "More Clank gameplay in A Crack In Time than any other Ratchet & Clank game ever."
[2:25] Patrick Klepek: "Insomniac wanted Clank to help himself on his own."
[2:25] Patrick Klepek: "Insomniac looked at games like Braid when coming up with time gameplay concepts."
[2:26] Patrick Klepek: "A Crack In Time goes back and forth between Clank's adventures in the great clock and Ratchet trying to catch up."
[2:27] Patrick Klepek: "Insomniac was really inspired by the indie scene for this one, it made them want to do push in a new direction."
[2:28] Patrick Klepek: "A trailer is rolling for the fan-made weapon that recently won the contest."
[2:29] Patrick Klepek: "Over 1,000 weapons were submitted to the fan make-a-weapon contest."
[2:30] Patrick Klepek: "The winner is essentially an energy yo-yo."
[2:31] Patrick Klepek: "New weapons for A Crack In Time. This line of weapons are called "constructo" weapons."
[2:32] Patrick Klepek: "Exclusive weapon reveals happening right now. Constrocto weapons are personalized weapons for A Crack In Time. You can change the appearance and function of weapons. There's a pistol where you can change the stock, barrel and type of upgrade. There are 36 different options."
[2:32] Patrick Klepek: "Constructo "bomb glove" is the other reveal."
[2:34] Patrick Klepek: "Weapon mods will be hidden throughout the game world. The moment you find a new mod, you can slap it on the weapon. You don't have to commit to a certain setup."
[2:36] Patrick Klepek: "There is more than one type of Lombax in the galaxy."
[2:38] Patrick Klepek: "The other Lombax is not Ratchet's father or an older version of Ratchet."
[2:38] Patrick Klepek: "A bit theme of A Crack In Time is "throwing caution into the wind.""
[2:43] Patrick Klepek: "Discussing how my collaboration there is between the voice actors and the writing."
[2:43] Patrick Klepek: "Insomniac has no problem with the voice actors improvising their lines so long as it doesn't contradict what needs to happen in the story."
[2:45] Patrick Klepek: "The moderator is asking how much impact the fans have."
[2:46] Patrick Klepek: "The team reads everything to try and gauge the "pulse" of Ratchet & Clank fans."
[2:47] Patrick Klepek: "New trailer is rolling. Sorry, no video feed. :("
[2:48] Patrick Klepek: "Q&A time!"
[2:49] Patrick Klepek: "Fan is asking how they determine the final look and function of weapons and characters. Insomniac describes it as a collaborative effort; it's not just up to one person to decide how it ends up. Everyone has input."
[2:50] Patrick Klepek: "Online features? No announcements right now. This is a single-player game. The team enjoyed making Deadlocked, which had online multiplayer. This is a story-driven adventure."
[2:51] Patrick Klepek: "The team has to make tough choices because if you want to do multiplayer you have to take away from effort for the single-player."
[2:52] Patrick Klepek: "Fan is asking about the bonus features on the disc because Blu-ray is so big."
[2:52] Patrick Klepek: "Insomniac Museum is returning to A Crack In Time."
[2:53] Patrick Klepek: "Fan asked if The Plumber is back? Yep!"
[2:55] Patrick Klepek: "Fan asked about weapon balance and Insomniac says they always run into issues with that because you never know when a player is or isn't upgrading a weapon. The weapon mods for the constructo weapons are a bit different because they can specifically place the new mods around the game world themselves."
[2:56] Patrick Klepek: "The Rhino weapon will be back in this game, too."
[2:57] Patrick Klepek: "A return of the Groovetron? Yup! Whole new dance.  "

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