Guitar Hero: Van Halen Cheats - PS3

Game Description: Van Halen is the next mega-band up for the Guitar Hero treatment, following Aerosmith and Metallica in releasing a full retail release featuring the band's greatest hits and songs picked by members of Van Halen.
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Guitar Hero: Van Halen Cheats

  • Diamond in the Rough (Silver)

    5 star all Van Halen songs on Vocal Career. (expert)

  • Diver Down (Silver)

    Complete a career on Expert. (Band or Solo)

  • The Woodshed (Silver)

    5 star guitar for 'Little Guitars', 'Cathedral', 'Spanish Fly', and 'Eruption.' (expert)

  • They Ran With the Devil (Bronze)

    All band members hit a 50 note streak at the same time. (4 player band)

  • Every Band Wants Some!! (Bronze)

    Complete a song in a full band. (4 player band)

  • The Tour is Ending (Silver)

    Complete a majority of the gigs. (Band or Solo)

  • Women and Children First (Silver)

    Complete a career on Medium. (Band or Solo)

  • 316 (Silver)

    5 star all Van Halen songs on Bass Career. (expert)

  • Break that String (Bronze)

    Complete the song 'I Want It All' as Eddie playing guitar.

  • The Space Brothers (Bronze)

    Complete gigs in Los Angeles and Rome.

  • Born to Rock (Bronze)

    Rock out as classic Wolfgang.

  • Diamond Dave (Bronze)

    Rock out as classic Dave.

  • Double Bass Master (Silver)

    5 star all Van Halen songs on Drum Career. (expert)

  • Intruder (Bronze)

    Complete the career intro.

  • No Brown M&M's!! (Bronze)

    Watch the facts for a Van Halen song.

  • Platinum Artist (Platinum)

    Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies in Guitar Hero Van Halen.

  • Unchained (Bronze)

    Unlock all Van Halen characters.

  • Can I Borrow a Quarter? (Bronze)

    Create a custom guitar.

  • EVH (Bronze)

    Unlock all of the Van Halen instruments.

  • It's Alive (Bronze)

    Unlock Eddie's Frankenstein guitar.

  • Somebody Get Them A Doctor (Bronze)

    Hit 100% of the notes in a song as a band. (4 player band)

  • The Broken Combs (Bronze)

    Complete a gig in West Hollywood.

  • The Ice Cream Man (Bronze)

    Win a guest artist song as Dave.

  • Atomic Power Punk (Bronze)

    All band members activate Star Power at the same time. (4 player band)

  • Van Halen (Bronze)

    Complete a career on Beginner.

  • Bang your Gong (Bronze)

    Create a custom drum set.

  • Brown Sound (Bronze)

    Rock out as classic Eddie.

  • Far Away Lands (Bronze)

    Complete gigs in London and The Netherlands.

  • Hung High (Bronze)

    All band members earn an 8x multiplier at the same time. (4 player band)

  • Jump (Bronze)

    Complete all Van Halen songs. (Band or Solo Career)

  • Ouch!! (Bronze)

    Create a custom tattoo.

  • Rock Out Big Cities (Bronze)

    Complete gigs in Berlin and New York City.

  • Van Halen II (Bronze)

    Complete a career on Easy. (Band or Solo)

  • 1984 (Silver)

    Complete a career on Expert+. (Solo Drum)

  • 5150 (Gold)

    Complete all Van Halen songs on every instrument. (Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Vocals)

  • Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dallas (Bronze)

    Complete a gig in Dallas.

  • Beaten ( No Points)

    Win a guest artist song as Eddie.

  • Fair Warning (Silver)

    Complete a career on Hard. (Band or Solo)

  • Guitar God (Gold)

    5 star all Van Halen songs on Guitar Career. (expert)

  • Have You Seen His Grades? (Bronze)

    Complete a tutorial level.