Godfather 2 Cheats - PS3

Game Description:The second film installment of the Godfather series took home a Best Picture Oscar. So what's the video game going to do for an encore? Start right at the top, putting a target on your back and giving you a chance to run your own organization. When the Don of your family is rubbed out in Cuba, you're promoted to the head of the family. Everyone is grabbing for a piece of the action...or gunning for a slice of your power. Plan your strategy, defending businesses, tracking crime cycles, targeting new crime rackets, out-maneuvering rival families, and plotting attacks. Seize control of an action-packed open crime world that's completely yours for the taking!
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Godfather 2 Cheats

  • Accept This As A Gift (Silver)

    Earn one of each favor.

  • Let Me Upgrade You (Bronze)

    Upgrade one of your made men’s skills or weapons.

  • Organized Crime (Gold)

    Control all crime rings.

  • Full Of Lead (Bronze)

    Kill 150 mobsters only using firearms.

  • Getting Made (Bronze)

    Recruit your first soldier.

  • It's Not Personal (Silver)

    Eliminate a rival family by successfully bombing their compound.

  • Last Family Standing (Silver)

    Eliminate all five rival families.

  • 25 Massacred (Bronze)

    Kill 25 mobsters.

  • Ambush (Bronze)

    Eliminate four rival families.

  • Bag Man (Silver)

    Heist each bank once.

  • Executions In Style (Gold)

    Complete all execution styles.

  • Five Crime Rings (Bronze)

    Control five crime rings.

  • Fortified Venue (Bronze)

    Max out all guards at a venue.

  • Lockpicker (Bronze)

    Crack five safes.

  • MobFace (Bronze)

    Create a mobster using MobFace.

  • This Thing Of Ours (Silver)

    Recruit a full family tree.

  • 750 Sleeping With The Fishes (Silver)

    Kill 750 mobsters.

  • BlackHand Brutality (Bronze)

    Kill 25 mobsters only using BlackHand attacks.

  • Double Crossed (Bronze)

    Eliminate two rival families.

  • Vendetta (Bronze)

    Eliminate three rival families.

  • Welcome To The Gun Show (Silver)

    Collect all level 2 and level 3 firearm upgrades.

  • 100 Whacked (Bronze)

    Kill 100 mobsters.

  • 500 Empty Suits (Bronze)

    Kill 500 Mobsters.

  • Bank Job (Bronze)

    Heist your first bank.

  • Paying Tribute (Bronze)

    Unlock all safehouses.

  • Platinum Trophy

    Act like a mobster, think like a Don.

  • Second In Command (Bronze)

    Promote one of your men to Underboss.

  • Three Crime Rings (Bronze)

    Control three crime rings.

  • Enforcer (Bronze)

    Complete 10 execution styles.

  • Modified Firepower (Bronze)

    Find a level 3 firearm upgrade.

  • Pulling The Strings (Bronze)

    Send your men to attack a venue from the Don’s View.

  • Torch The Joint (Bronze)

    Send your men to bomb a venue from the Don’s View.

  • 250 Iced (Bronze)

    Kill 250 mobsters.

  • Contract Killer (Bronze)

    Eliminate 5 made men with the appropriate kill condition.

  • First Crime Ring (Silver)

    Control one crime ring.

  • Gun Smuggler (Bronze)

    Find a level 2 firearm upgrade.

  • It's Only Business (Gold)

    Eliminate Hyman Roth.

  • Safecracker (Gold)

    Crack all safes.

  • Shakedown (Silver)

    Control all extortable businesses.

  • CIA? DOA (Bronze)

    Kill Henry Mitchell.

  • Right Hand Man (Bronze)

    Promote one of your made men to Capo.

  • The Counselor (Bronze)

    Accept Tom Hagen as your Consigliere.