Pain: Amusement Park - PS3

Pain: Amusement Park
Game Description:The Pain expansion pack is more Pain-ful than ever! This time, we are leaving Downtown and headed to the Amusement Park! New to Pain is online multiplayer mode play and 5 crazy modes to enjoy. The Amusement Park still has the same creative, skill-driven comedic experience that presents players with the unique opportunity to control and capture the irreverent style of humor found in slapstick movies and online video clips. But now you are in a whole new PAIN-filled environment! The Amusement Park keeps the same core, unique PAIN mechanic which allows the player to load characters into an extreme launching device, (this time a broken ride). Fire the character through physics controlled environments such as the Tilt-a-Hurl, Deuces Wild, and Booty of the Sea. Receive points by stringing together PAINful collisions and inducing chaos in the environment. The player must achieve a wide variety of goals and / or reach various scoring milestones in each of the different modes of play. As challenging as it is funny, PAIN includes online leaderboards and has trophy support so you can see where you rank between your friends and throughout the world.
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