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Rock Band 2: Special Edition
Game Description:With the original Rock Band title providing millions of players with a new way to interact with the music and artists they love, Rock Band 2 builds upon its core band foundation to offer an unparalleled, deeper, dynamic gameplay experience. This version of the Rock Band 2 package includes the full set-up to rock out. Rock Band 2 features newly designed guitar and drum peripherals, with spiffier detail and a more realistic playing experience. These are all fully compatible with the original Rock Band instruments. The Guitar is sturdier, with a more precise strum bar, a built-in sensor allowing quick and seamless calibration, a retooled tilt sensor for improved Overdrive employment, a more realistic neck and body design, and quieter buttons. The Drums have an improved kick pedal with metal plate, velocity-sensitive drum heads, cymbal and hi-hat expansion ports and quieter drum heads.
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Rock Band 2: Special Edition News

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  • Upcoming 'Rock Band' Albums Revealed

    Last week we revealed that six full albums are coming as Rock Band 2 downloadable content, and today, we have the names of those albums: Foo Fighters (The Colour and the Shape) Red Hot Chili Peppers (Blood Sugar Sex Magik) Jane's Addiction (Nothing's Shocking) Megadeth (Peace Sells... But Who's Buying) Stevie Ray Vaughn...

    Posted August 28, 2008| 48 Comments

    Upcoming 'Rock Band' Albums Revealed
  • ION Drum Rocker: In Our House

    Perhaps you've heard of the ION Drum Rocker, the Lamborghini of fake plastic instruments? Although the multi-headed input device for music games like Rock Band, Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour isn't out yet, we got our hands on a review model, and we've got a whole mess of pictures to prove it. We'll be bringing you a review of the...

    Posted August 26, 2008| 8 Comments

    ION Drum Rocker: In Our House
  • Wooden 'Rock Band' Drum Mod

    Check out this sweet drum mod for your Rock Band set. The guy repeatedly says it's DIY but we're thinking this might only refer to those DIY fans with PhDs in engineering and a garage full of power tools. Nonetheless, follow yonder link for many pages of tutorial regarding getting yourself some of these badass skins. Source

    Posted August 22, 2008

    Wooden 'Rock Band' Drum Mod
  • 'Rock Band' Has 7 New Albums Coming In 2008

    Update (8.21.08) Oops... we got our wires crossed a bit with Harmonix. Turns out that Rush's Moving Pictures is one of seven full Rock Band albums that will be announced by the end of the month, not six as we had originally reported. That's one extra album for you to enjoy. Get all the details here! We talked to John Drake, the P.R....

    Posted August 20, 2008| 20 Comments

    'Rock Band' Has 7 New Albums Coming In 2008
  • Activision Fires Back At Music Industry

    In response to Warner Music's unsatisfactory performance, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick said that the company is not "respectful of how much we've done to bring new audiences into the market." Warner Music chief exec Edgar Bronfman Jr. said that music titles such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band have a "very paltry licensing fee",...

    Posted August 15, 2008

    Activision Fires Back At Music Industry
  • 'Rock Band 2' Release Dates Leaked?

    In another "retailer leaks information" scenario, tipsters have sent Kotaku some images that suggests possible release dates for MTV Games's Rock Band 2. Check out the leaked dates after the cut. Read More?

    Posted August 4, 2008| 9 Comments

    'Rock Band 2' Release Dates Leaked?
  • Suspected Killer Caught Playing 'Guitar Hero'

    Song failed, along with life. Raymundo Castaneda, a 30-year-old suspected killer, was caught by officials while playing Activision's Guitar Hero at a Wal-Mart in Jacksonville, Florida. Castaneda is a wanted man in Charlotte, N.C. after detectives said that he killed a friend over a soccer match. After receiving several tips from locals,...

    Posted August 4, 2008| 15 Comments

    Suspected Killer Caught Playing 'Guitar Hero'
  • Many Bands Getting Music Games?

    Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is already out and Guitar Hero: Metallica is coming but are these the only bands getting the full-game, plastic guitar treatment? Not according to Aerosmith Guitarist Brad Whitford. "We were all pretty aware of how popular the game was, and being the first band to have our own version of it seemed pretty exciting....

    Posted July 31, 2008| 22 Comments

    Many Bands Getting Music Games?
  • 'Rock Band 2' On The Today Show

    This morning's Today show featured a couple of awesome things: X-Play host Adam Sessler and Rock Band 2. Check it out, and understand, everyone looks like a tool playing Rock Band 2.

    Posted July 30, 2008| 28 Comments

    'Rock Band 2' On The Today Show
  • X-Play's Adam Sessler On 'Today' Tomorrow

    X-Play's Adam Sessler will be appearing on NBC's Today show tomorrow morning, July 30th. You'll want to tune in and catch Adam teaching Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira a little something about the upcoming Rock Band 2. Hopefully, they'll have a little demonstration with Adam slamming out the beats on drums. The real question is, who will sing?...

    Posted July 29, 2008| 15 Comments

    X-Play's Adam Sessler On 'Today' Tomorrow
  • Hands-On: 'Rock Band 2'

    We have a hands-on of the new Harmonix/MTV rock rhythm game Rock Band 2, but, since this game is so big, we're going to look at it from two points-of-view, mine, and Feed Meister Steve Johnson, because we both got to play the game, separately and together. Steve: It's just like Rock Band 1, but that's the best thing I can say about it. When...

    Posted July 17, 2008| 8 Comments

    Hands-On: 'Rock Band 2'
  • Rock Band Party: THE WHO!!!

    I am the luckiest person I know. I have to level with you. Sometimes, this job isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's long hours, lots of work, creative problem solving, whatnot. However, sometimes you get to realize that you do something truly great for a living, and that you wouldn't trade it for the world. Last night was one of those...

    Posted July 17, 2008| 20 Comments

    Rock Band Party: THE WHO!!!
  • Rock Band 2 Demo & Performance

    Harmonix VP Greg Lopiccolo stopped by our E3 2008 stage to give Adam and Morgan an exclusive hands-on demo of 'Rock Band 2.' If you've been living under a rock and/ or are still living under a rock (presumably one with a high-speed internet connection), Rock Band is a multiplayer music and rockstar simulation extravanza. No game before or after...

    Posted July 15, 2008| 9 Comments

    Rock Band 2 Demo & Performance
  • Microsoft Press Conference: 'Rock Band 2' Report

    Rock Band 2 will debut exclusively for the Xbox 360 this September. It features over a new online World Tour Mode, Battle of the Bands online multiplayer, and it will be backwards compatible with all Rock Band downloadable music content released to date. Plus, a Disc Export Feature will give owners of the original Rock Band the ability to...

    Posted July 14, 2008| 9 Comments

    Microsoft Press Conference: 'Rock Band 2' Report
  • 'Rock Band 2' Track List Released

    By now, you all know that Rock Band 2 is coming to the world in September, which means that the band experience you've been loving for the past year is about to get more awesome. Today, we have some idea of just how awesome, as the official track list has been announced, and it includes (finally!) AC/DC, old chestnuts like Fleetwood Mac and...

    Posted July 14, 2008| 18 Comments

    'Rock Band 2' Track List Released