Saw: The Videogame Cheats - PS3

Game Description: Utilizing Unreal Engine 3 technology, the video game entry in the Saw franchise aims to deliver all of the horror and terror of the film series in stark, startling detail. Jigsaw's puzzles are far from finished, and in this game, you get to see Saw again in a whole new way in a plot that weaves back and forth through the various film plots and answers questions left unanswered in the movies.
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Saw: The Videogame Cheats

  • I'm In Charge (Bronze)

    Fought first NPC.

  • It Was An Accident (Bronze)

    Kill first minion.

  • Kill Or Be Killed (Silver)

    Killed a Collared Minion with a collar detonation.

  • Cleaning Up (Bronze)

    First kill with a Mop Handle.

  • Duress (Silver)

    Kill 20 minions.

  • Sometimes It Sticks (Bronze)

    First kill with a Nail Bat.

  • Wait For The Boom (Bronze)

    First kill with an Explosive Mine.

  • You've Wasted Your Life (Bronze)

    Idle for five minutes.

  • Darwin Would Be Proud (Bronze)

    Died once.

  • Merciless (Silver)

    Stomped five Minions to death.

  • Pipe Dream (Bronze)

    First kill with a Pipe.

  • Splitting Headache (Bronze)

    First kill with Scissors.

  • Surgeon (Bronze)

    First kill with a Scalpel.

  • Congratulations (Platinum)

    Acquired all trophies.

  • Curb Stomp (Bronze)

    Stomped first Minion to death.

  • Hatchet Job (Bronze)

    First kill with a Hatchet.

  • Just Experimenting (Bronze)

    Used Health Syringe for the first time.

  • Self-Defense (Bronze)

    Kill 10 minions.

  • Whoops! (Bronze)

    First kill with a Stun Mine.

  • Forced Entry (Bronze)

    Unlocked first door.

  • Give Me Five! (Bronze)

    First kill with a Mannequin Arm.

  • Who Is The Jigsaw Killer? (Bronze)

    Find your first Patient File.

  • Would You Like To Know More? (Bronze)

    Find your first Asylum File.

  • Locksmith (Bronze)

    Unlock 5 locked doors.

  • Say Hello To My Little Friend (Bronze)

    First kill with a Gun.

  • Treasure! (Bronze)

    Unlock first container.

  • Choked Up (Bronze)

    First kill with a Gas Mine.

  • Grave Digger (Bronze)

    First kill with a Shovel.

  • Homerun (Bronze)

    First kill with a Bat.

  • I Can Stop Anytime (Silver)

    Used 20 Health Syringes.

  • Lights Off (Bronze)

    First kill with a Table Lamp.

  • Penetrated (Bronze)

    First kill with a Syringe.

  • Fire Hazard (Bronze)

    First kill with fire.

  • Professional (Silver)

    Unlock 20 locked doors.

  • You'll Need This Afterwards (Bronze)

    First kill with a Crutch.

  • You've Been Served (Bronze)

    First kill with a Table Leg.