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Warhawk -- Operation: Omega Dawn
Game Description:The heart-pounding, gut-wrenching thrill of Warhawk get even more intense with Operation: Omega Dawn, Warhawk's first downloadable Booster pack. Developed by Incognito Entertainment, the highly-anticipated add-on pack redefines team tactics in Warhawk and introduces a host of new strategic elements. Featuring an entirely new battlefield, "Omega Factory," in which Eucadians and Chenovans are fighting for control, Operation: Omega Dawn includes six map configurations where warhawks can take flight through the night skies of an isolated factory world. Adding to the intensity, players can board the KT-424 Combat Dropship – a supreme vehicle that can transport up to seven troopers and a ground vehicle at one time, allowing for massive invasions on enemy territories. The Dropship act as a multiplayer Boss character, similar to those found in single player games, and creates memorable moments where seven players are operating in smooth coordination.
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Warhawk -- Operation: Omega Dawn News

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  • Sony Trademarks 'Starhawk'

    Last week, Sony filed a trademark on the name "Starhawk," leading many to believe the company is working on a space-based sequel to multiplayer PS3 flight-combat game Warhawk. Unnamed sources told Kotaku last months that LightBox Interactive Studio was working on a game described as "Warhawk in space," and that the game has...

    Posted April 14, 2009| 16 Comments

    Sony Trademarks 'Starhawk'
  • 'Warhawk' Command Center Launches in 'Home', Game on Sale Until March 11

    Just in time for the release of Killzone 2, Warhawk is finally getting their space in PlayStation Home. By this timeline, I'm expecting the Killzone 2 space to launch a day before the release of God of War III. The command center, which would have been much cooler at launch, will allow players to layout strategies on maps and launch into games...

    Posted February 26, 2009| 35 Comments

    'Warhawk' Command Center Launches in 'Home', Game on Sale Until March 11
  • 'Warhawk: Fallen Star' Expansion This Thursday

    A year after the title's release, the PS3's multiplayer sensation will be receiving brand new features when Warhawk: Fallen Star lands on the Playstation Network this Thursday, August 28. Fallen Star will feature the new "Tau Crater", supporting 10 new layouts players can frag out while utilizing the new jetpacks (pictured above)....

    Posted August 25, 2008| 12 Comments

    'Warhawk: Fallen Star' Expansion This Thursday
  • Next 'Warhawk' Patch Includes Tutorial Missions

    Those of us who have already played Warhawk know that the online-only gameplay means you used to have to learn how to play the game while getting your butt kicked by already seasoned players. Well the good news is that, according to the Playstation Blog, the next patch for Warhawk will add four tutorial missions to teach PS3 owners how to...

    Posted August 12, 2008| 16 Comments

    Next 'Warhawk' Patch Includes Tutorial Missions
  • 'SOCOM: Confrontation' Retail Details

    SOCOM fans, get your piggy banks and wallets ready as Sony released some pricing details on SOCOM: Confrontations. Starting October 14th, players are able to choose from one of the following (or all, if that's how you roll): $59.99 SOCOM: Confrontations Bundle - includes a sexy new Bluetooth Playstation 3 headset and Behind the Scenes...

    Posted August 6, 2008| 22 Comments

    'SOCOM: Confrontation' Retail Details
  • 'Warhawk' Trophies End Of August

    In addition to Uncharted's trophy update yesterday, the high-flying, ground-running and tank-shooting multiplayer title, Warhawk, will be getting an update by the end of the month that will include Trophy rewards. Starting August 27, players can download the 1.5 game update that features over 50 Trophies, which can be unlocked by doing specific...

    Posted August 5, 2008| 14 Comments

    'Warhawk' Trophies End Of August
  • PlayStation 3 "Greatest Hits" Launch Today - $29.99 Games

    Great news, gamers! The PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits program has launched with 10 titles available for only $29.99. What are they? Hit the jump for the full list of games. Read More?

    Posted July 28, 2008| 51 Comments

    PlayStation 3 "Greatest Hits" Launch Today - $29.99 Games
  • X-Play Best of 2008: Best Downloadable Content

    Posted: December 9, 2008

    3,479 Views | 01:42 | 3 Comments