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PixelJunk Eden
Game Description:The third game in Q-Games' downloadable quick-play games collectively called "PixelJunk". In this psychedelic platform game, the player will find themselves submersed amongst towering alien plant-life. Within this constantly evolving and vibrant environment, the player leaps and swings between the lush plants, smashing into bizarre enemies and navigating around the undergrowth to gather treasures and pollen to grow more plants. Through various levels, the player is treated to stylish 1080p graphics, a unique techno soundtrack and addictive fluid gameplay. PixelJunk Eden also supports both single and co-op play with up to three players.
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PixelJunk Eden News

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  • Reaction Time: Q Games Reflects On Their Latest Downloadable, PixelJunk Shooter

    Few studios have the track record of PixelJunk, Q Games' PlayStation Network-exclusive downloadable series. PixelJunk Racers, PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Eden firmly established Q Games as someone willing to take risks, combining bold artistic design with sound gameplay -- and usually backed by a killer soundtrack. PixelJunk Shooter,...

    Posted February 5, 2010

    Reaction Time: Q Games Reflects On Their Latest Downloadable, PixelJunk Shooter
  • The Next PixelJunk Game Is...'PixelJunk Shooter'

    We've already seen the next game from designer Dylan Cuthbert and the rest of the PixelJunk folks, but it didn't have a name. Today, that mystery has been solved -- their next game is officially PixelJunk Shooter. Cuthbert has revealed some of the runner-up name choices at the PlayStation Blog, including PixelJunk Elements and PixelJunk...

    Posted May 26, 2009| 5 Comments

    The Next PixelJunk Game Is...'PixelJunk Shooter'
  • 'Fallout 3' Wins Game Developers Choice Award

    Fallout 3 was honored with the coveted Game of the Year award at the Game Developers Choice Awards held last night in San Francisco. Bethesda's post-apocalyptic RPG beat out Fable II, Left 4 Dead, LittleBigPlanet and Grand Theft Auto IV for the honor. LittleBigPlanet took home the most awards -- Sony's PS3 platformer won nearly half of all the...

    Posted March 26, 2009| 48 Comments

    'Fallout 3' Wins Game Developers Choice Award
  • 'PixelJunk Eden' Expansion Announced

    If you've played quirky PlayStation 3's exclusive platformer PixelJunk Eden, you probably already love it. Well, get set to love it even more: Both a patch and new content are coming to the game! The patch comes out on January 15th. It basically easy-fies the challenging title, adding more time-restoring crystals to the maps and makes it give...

    Posted January 14, 2009| 2 Comments

    'PixelJunk Eden' Expansion Announced
  • Independent Games Festival Finalists Announced

    Just like the indie movie scene offers an alternative to Hollywood, the independent game scene offers an alternative to anyone who's burnt out on the offerings of the "mainstream" gaming world. Indie games are quirky, personal, innovative and usually have loftier ambitions than selling a lot of copies. But no matter how well...

    Posted January 7, 2009| 4 Comments

    Independent Games Festival Finalists Announced
  • PlayStation Network Sale: 'Echochrome', 'Pixeljunk Eden', 'Novastrike' And More

    While it might not be a "black Friday" super sale, Sony has slashed the prices on several PlayStation Network titles. Included in the mix are Echochrome, Novastrike, PixelJunk Eden, and more. These games will be available for $4.99 until December 4, 2008. Check here for the full game list. Do any of these titles tempt you at these...

    Posted November 26, 2008| 15 Comments

    PlayStation Network Sale: 'Echochrome', 'Pixeljunk Eden', 'Novastrike' And More
  • 'PixelJunk Eden' Producer Interview

    Q-Games's puzzler title, PixelJunk Eden, has been out for a month now and trust us, it's one of the most unique and creative puzzle games you'll ever play. But please, don't just take our word for it... Sony senior producer Deborah Mars said in the preview below that the title is a "platformer" at it's core, yet it seamlessly blends in...

    Posted September 5, 2008| 1 Comment

    'PixelJunk Eden' Producer Interview
  • Playstation Network's Fall Line-up

    On their Leizpig press conference, Sony showed off some impressive hardware with the PS3 and PSP, as well as upcoming software such as Heavy Rain. But, they didn't forget about digital distribution via the Playstation Network. With WipEout HD finally on its way, check out the rest of the titles you can download this fall for your PS3: ...

    Posted August 20, 2008| 12 Comments

    Playstation Network's Fall Line-up
  • Sony Unveils Downloadable Games

    We already told you about Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, but that's not the only downloadable game Sony is bringing. At their press conference today, the company announced a number of other upcoming PSN titles that will be coming for your downloadable pleasure. Here's the skinny: Crash Commando, Fat Princess PixelJunk Eden ...

    Posted July 15, 2008| 3 Comments

    Sony Unveils Downloadable Games
  • PixelJunk Eden Encore Expansion Trailer

    Posted: April 16, 2009

    333 Views | 01:33 | 1 Comment

  • PixelJunk Eden Producer Interview

    Posted: September 3, 2008

    1,108 Views | 02:09

  • Trailer: Pixel Junk - Eden

    Posted: May 19, 2008

    962 Views | 01:44