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Game Description:When an unstoppable force seems determined to destroy mankind, what can humanity do but keep fighting? Step back into the boots of Nathan Hale as you battle, not only the seemingly impossible Chimera, but the Chimera disease coursing through your body. Explore the alternate 1953 American landscape. Bring familiar weapons and a cache of new ones to bear against an undaunted enemy. First, play through the full-length single-player campaign. Next join up with seven others online for an unprecedented class-based eight-player co-op campaign with a separate, parallel story line. Then take on up to 60 players in massive online battles with a squad-based focus to balance the game and encourage rivalries!
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  • 'Resistance 2' Screenshots

    Insomniac is a very appropriate name for a studio that's going on its third game in the last three years. The studio will be releasing a follow-up to the PS3 launch title Resistance: Fall of Man sometime in the near future; so far it's been dubbed Resistance 2. The first batch of screenshots from the game depict the definite fall of man as...

    Posted January 29, 2008| 47 Comments

    'Resistance 2' Screenshots
  • E3 '08: Ted Price/Insomniac Interview

    Posted: July 25, 2008

    9,452 Views | 07:46 | 3 Comments

  • E3 '08 Impressions with Marc Slatzman and Destructoid

    Posted: July 24, 2008

    3,939 Views | 08:04

  • E3 '08 Impressions With Marc Saltzman

    Posted: July 24, 2008

    896 Views | 04:56

  • Resistance 2: Chicago Direct Feed

    Posted: July 23, 2008

    4,273 Views | 02:54 | 2 Comments

  • Resistance 2: Leviathan Direct Feed

    Posted: July 23, 2008

    7,631 Views | 03:01 | 3 Comments

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