FIFA Street 3 Cheats - PS3

Game Description:Bring the hottest soccer superstars from all over the world to life in the biggest stylized arcade soccer experience for next-gen systems! Take the attitude and savvy style of street soccer into the living room, decking out your pro players in authentic street gear and bringing their unique abilities to the game. Construct your team using brawn, smarts, skills or crushing tackles. Use the intuitive and responsive new control scheme to command your squad to victory. Combine moves seamlessly with simple button and analog-stick combos. Fill up your Game Breaker to power your special abilities, including leaping past defenders, flipping off walls, and performing gravity-defying one-timers!
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FIFA Street 3 Cheats

  • Predator (Gerrard, Beckham, etc.)

    Complete Adidas Challenge in FIFA Street Challenge

  • The Classics (Cantona, Zico, etc.)

    Complete Classic Challenge in FIFA Street Challenge

  • The Blasters (Gerrard, Ballack, etc.)

    Win 40 Games in FIFA Street Challenge

  • World Stars (Ronaldinho, Eto'o, etc.)

    Complete All Stars Challenge in FIFA Street Challenge

  • The Champions (Baresi, Voller, etc.)

    Complete Champion Challenge in FIFA Street Challenge