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Game Description:As the skilled killer Rubi Malone, players are able to perform over-the-top, acrobatic stunts while wielding pistols and a samurai sword. Blast and slash your way through dozens of exotic locations, disposing of waves of unlucky baddies along the way, in your pursuit of the man who left you for dead. This cinematic action title promises to deliver fluid and dynamic combat that continually evolves over the course of the game, thanks to upgrades and improved abilities.
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  • Wet, Naughty Bear Sequels Confirmed

    If you were a fan of Wet and/or Naughty Bear, good news: Both games are getting the sequel treatment. "We're working on Wet 2 right now and Naughty Bear 2," Behaviour CEO Rémi Racine told Joystiq. Sadly, no details were revealed about either game. Read More?

    Posted November 8, 2010

    Wet, Naughty Bear Sequels Confirmed
  • The 2009 Thanksgiving Turkey Game Pardon

    Somewhere in a secret underground bunker in Washington, D.C., key members of the Department of Justice (Poultry Division) have convened to decide which of our nation's millions of turkeys is to receive the annual White House pardon. In that same spirit of forgiveness, we're going to do the same with one of this year's biggest digital turkeys....

    Posted November 25, 2009

    The 2009 Thanksgiving Turkey Game Pardon
  • G4tv.com's Feedback: Uncharted 2 Edition

    Take a seat! The latest edition of Feedback is here to soothe your gaming soul. Host and editor-in-chief Adam Sessler once again takes the reigns on Feedback this week and he's joined by yours truly, Sterling McGarvey and Andrew Pfpfpfpfpfister to discuss what's nothing less than the greatest game of all time and that will ever be made, so it...

    Posted October 15, 2009

    G4tv.com's Feedback: Uncharted 2 Edition
  • Bethesda Releasing Wet On September 15

    Bethesda Softworks doesn't have a major new game coming out this fall, but the company continues to expand its reach in the publishing business. One of their recent acquisitions, the acrobatically-inclined Wet, now has a release date: September 15. Anyone looking forward to this one? It's not doing much for me.

    Posted July 31, 2009

    Bethesda Releasing Wet On September 15
  • Wet HD Direct-Feed Gameplay

    Meet Rubi Malone, as voiced by Dollhouse's Eliza Dushku. She's the latest badass heroine who isn't afraid to spill some blood to get her job done. In the acrobatic shooter Wet, gun-for-hire Malone must complete a series of covert missions all around the world. Witness her fighting skills in this direct-feed gameplay video for Wet. Wet...

    Posted June 9, 2009

    Wet HD Direct-Feed Gameplay
  • Coolest Things Of E3 2009 - Day 3

    As Day 3 of E3 draws to a close, your cordial and well-manicured G4tv.com editorial staff would like to share with you some cool things we saw at the big show today. If we listed all the cool things we saw, this post would be thousands upon thousands of words. Or maybe just a bunch of pictures. If you missed it, here's Monday's report and...

    Posted June 3, 2009

    Coolest Things Of E3 2009 - Day 3
  • Wet Hands-On Preview

    A few weeks ago, when we saw the stylish shooter Wet demoed at Bethesda’s event in London, we liked what we saw, but were left wondering how it would work. If you can go into slo-mo whenever you want, we thought, wouldn’t that make the game really, really easy? But after playing a bit of it at Bethesda’s booth during E3 today,...

    Posted June 3, 2009

    Wet Hands-On Preview
  • G4's E3 Game Demo Madness!

    If you've been following our site over the last month or so, I'm sure you're already aware that G4 will be bringing you 22 hours of live coverage of E3 2009, as well as wall-to-wall, 24-7 web coverage of the show. I'm talking floor-reports, Steve Wiebe's world-record Donkey Kong attempt, live coverage of the major press conferences and way, way...

    Posted May 27, 2009| 45 Comments

    G4's E3 Game Demo Madness!
  • World Exclusive 'WET' X-Play Video Preview (Extended Edition)

    Yesterday's awesome X-Play episode gave you a preview of the new Bethesda third-person shooter WET. The preview featured an interview with the game's Creative Director, Patrick Fortier talking about the game's aesthetics, shooting mechanics and action. Oh, and there was a whole bunch of world premiere gameplay footage, too. As if an early look...

    Posted April 29, 2009| 13 Comments

    World Exclusive 'WET' X-Play Video Preview (Extended Edition)
  • ?Wet' Impressions

    Months after the merger of Vivendi and Activision left it orphaned, the third-person acrobatic action game Wet from developer A2M has finally found a new home. At a press event in Britain last week Bethesda announced that they’ll release the game this fall on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, while also offering up other new details about...

    Posted April 27, 2009| 8 Comments

    ?Wet' Impressions
  • 'WET' Trailer: Rubi Slides, Slices Through Bullet-Time

    A2M's familiar action game WET, shows off protagonist femme gunslinger Rubi kicking ass and taking names for this action title slated for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Still seeking a publishing entity after being dropped by Activision Blizzard midway through last year, you can see what A2M is offering as of late for any potential publishing daddy's...

    Posted April 14, 2009| 22 Comments

    'WET' Trailer: Rubi Slides, Slices Through Bullet-Time
  • A2M Says 'Wet' Is Coming In 2009

    When Vivendi Games and Activision merged, people were understandably concerned about the future of games like Ghostbusters, Brutal Legend and 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand. But there was another game in publishing limbo: A2M's Wet. Although it didn't have the installed fanbase of the above three titles and despite that it doesn't have a publisher...

    Posted January 28, 2009| 20 Comments

    A2M Says 'Wet' Is Coming In 2009
  • WET Review

    Posted: September 24, 2009

    13,837 Views | 02:14

  • Wet - Welcome to the House of G Developer Diary

    Posted: September 9, 2009

    2,312 Views | 03:09

  • WET - My Weapons Are The Only Things That Exist Dev Video

    Posted: September 2, 2009

    2,904 Views | 02:58

  • WET - The Sound of Cold Steel Featurette

    Posted: August 27, 2009

    4,996 Views | 03:12

  • WET - Movement Is Power Featurette

    Posted: August 19, 2009

    3,716 Views | 03:09

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