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Game Description:A downtrodden soldier embarks on a government-sponsored time-travel mission and returns to find the world he left altered beyond recognition. Like many shooters, this game gives you the chance to shred bad guys with a wide array of weapons. But the real kicker is the never-before-seen time-control abilities, which let you disrupt and manipulate enemies and the world around you by slowing, stopping, and reversing time. You, however, remain completely unphased. To complete the game's combat missions, you'll need to think in four dimensions and use time to your advantage. Oh, and when you think you've hit a lull, don't bother catching your breath. The storyline has an alternate time stream.
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Timeshift Cheats

  • Grenade Fun

    Here is a fun thing to do when you get hit by a grenade. When it hits you quickly reverse time and then it will be flying back to him and you can see the grenade coming and you will be prepared.