Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Cheats - PS3

Game Description:A mercenary with a past and a medicated psychopath. Two deeply confused men who hate each other are forced to work together to save themselves and the ones they love. They create a volatile partnership and explore their own unusual and brutal attitudes towards right and wrong. Tense and unpredictable experiences await as you try your hand at single-player, co-op, and squad-based combat scenarios. Crowds and environments respond realistically – if violence occurs in a crowded nightclub, people will respond – so make sure to use the environment to your advantage. Load up with a variety of weapons, including grenades, and use a crew of criminals to attempt to reach your goals.
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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Cheats

  • Saving Jenny

    When you have to save Jenny from the truck you have to take out the windshield with 130 bullets. You need a machinegun. You have to stay in the hole until the truck makes his turn. Good luck!