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Game Description:Enter the Octagon and see if you've got what it takes to survive the king of all contact sports in UFC 2009 Undisputed. Choose from 80 UFC fighters who fight with photo-realistic detail. You'll feel the buzz as you soak in the surroundings you see on TV, including the announcers, refs, and Octagon girls. You'll also feel the impact as each blow sends devastating ripple effects across your opponents' bodies. Highly responsive and accessible controls means it doesn't take long to master championship-caliber combos. Punish your opponents with a mix of martial arts disciplines that covers Kickboxing, Judo, Wrestling, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.
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UFC 2009 Undisputed News

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  • UFC Fighter Involved In Controversy Over Videogame Rights

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) organization of mixed martial arts recently had some controversial dealings with one of its fighters. At the heart of the matter -- videogame licensing rights. According to Yahoo! Sports, UFC Dana White and fighter Jon Fitch had some heated arguments in regards to licensing rights in the upcoming UFC...

    Posted November 21, 2008| 15 Comments

    UFC Fighter Involved In Controversy Over Videogame Rights
  • 'UFC 2009 Undisputed' Details

    UFC fans, better start your training as THQ is bringing their toughest title yet with UFC 2009 Undisputed due out next year for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Straight from the E3 floor, THQ brings us more details on their upcoming sport fighter. Undisputed will bring in more ground moves such as various submissions to expand the game's...

    Posted July 16, 2008| 6 Comments

    'UFC 2009 Undisputed' Details
  • New 'UFC 2009 Undisputed' Trailer/Screenshots

    Click the image above for the UFC 2009 Undisputed screenshot gallery. Having a mixed martial-arts gaming deficiency? Got Octagon withdrawal symptoms? Take a look at some new screens and video of UFC 2009 Undisputed from THQ. Scheduled for release this spring on the Xbox 360 and PS3, the fighter boasts online multiplayer and 30,000...

    Posted June 23, 2008| 13 Comments

    New 'UFC 2009 Undisputed' Trailer/Screenshots
  • UFC 2009 Undisputed Career Mode

    Posted: May 8, 2009

    5,274 Views | 03:21 | 3 Comments

  • X-Play: Bruce Buffer Highlights

    Posted: April 30, 2009

    1,760 Views | 01:57 | 4 Comments

  • UFC 2009 Undisputed Direct-Feed Walkthrough

    Posted: April 27, 2009

    5,463 Views | 18:12

  • Hands On Preview: UFC 2009 Undisputed Game Mechanics

    Posted: April 27, 2009

    10,077 Views | 03:08 | 5 Comments

  • Hands On Preview: UFC 2009 Undisputed Gameplay Modes

    Posted: April 27, 2009

    7,467 Views | 03:22 | 5 Comments


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